cargo ship

    1. eddard_stark

      USF Clarendon 1.0

      The Union Space Forces Cargo Hauler "Clarendon" The USF Clarendon is the next step in advanced cargo and logistics operations from Intergalactic United Fleetworks. The mighty vessel features enough shields and thrusters to provide defence against raiders and pirates, whilst also providing...
    2. Wilavid7

      CRT Convoy Mk 1.0

      After a long development period, Cargo/Resource Transporters is proud to present the newest vessel in its line of Industrial cargo haulers, the CRT-Convoy. Unlike previous cargo haulers in the line, which relied on cargo crate technology, the Convoy features a permanent cargo bay with cargo...
    3. Asvarduil

      Esthar Fleet Systems, Ready for Work!

      Pictured Below: Esthar Fleet Systems, hard at work building you new ships! Pictured left to right: Esthar Barge, the biggest ship, made for securely transporting people and cargo to their destination. Top is an Esthar Sentry, and bottom is an Esthar Pickman. Since the exodus from Earth...
    4. flashyink

      M.V. Neptune 2017-05-23

      Flash Omnistellar >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> _______________________________________________________ Interstellar Defense Fleet Contract 0002 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Classification: M.V. Neptune Contract History...
    5. MythrilJelly

      TP-2 "Pow Armor" 1.1

      The POW Armor, a craft I admire and the very first thing I built and uploaded here in Starmade. (TP-2 "Pow Armor" MINI) I've improved a lot, learned a lot, and with the rail system out I felt it was time to return to my roots and built it once again. TP-2 is not my design, I take no credit, for...
    6. Gmodism

      GHI_CAMEL - Light Cargo Freighter MK2

      The Gmodism Industries Shipyard Proudly Brings you: GHI Camel Cargo Freighter Mark 2 Light Cargo Freighter designed to take impressive amounts of cargo from point A to B as fast as possible, therefore the Camel runs at top speed, that is the fastest one can go. Designed in corporation with the...
    7. Velociraptor501

      C-130S Space Hercules 2016-11-06

      In 2018, The United States government started Project Odin, A plan to convert Various USAF and USN Aircraft and USN Ships to Spacecraft. The project was started to counteract the growing Russian Space Navy. The vehicles used were from The Cold War and later. The C-130 was converted in 2020 to...
    8. M

      Gagarin class Small Cargo Vessel 1.2

      Specifications Ship mass (with empty containers): 700.3 tonnes (904.3 tonnes) Ship power levels: 478 585,3 e; 128 609 e/s Ship measures: 102m (l) x 12m (h) x 19m (w) Ship engine: Thrust: 1 118,4 MN Power consumption: 26 933,3 e/s Ship top speed (empty containers, no thruster share): 134,9 m/s...
    9. EnerJay

      Beginner's ship

      Hi all, I've been playing for about 3 hours on single player and was wondering what you all think about my little cargo/salvage ship? It's very very WIP but what do you all think? Wasn't sure where in the forums to post this and also any critique/advice is very much appreciated
    10. Gmodism

      GI_Camel Cargo Freighter - Detachable Cargo Pods Mk3

      The Gmodism Industries Camel Cargo Freighter Mark 2 A freighter vessel with 2 detachable cargo spaces, the Camel can freight large amounts of goods and is suitable for most traders and NOT SMUGGLERS, as the detachable cargo is fast to drop at you customers place if discretion is needed! The...
    11. M

      Leonov class Small Cargo Vessel 1.3

      Specifications Ship mass (with empty containers): 587,2 tonnes (791,2 tonnes) Ship power levels: 261 948,8 e; 45 904 e/s Ship measures: 66m (l) x 12m (h) x 21m (w) Ship engine: Thrust: 838,2 MN Power consumption: 19333,3 e/s Ship top speed (empty containers, no thruster share)...
    12. Gasboy

      GS-91-1000-STANDARD empty 2016-09-12

      This is Gascor GasWerk's GS-91-1000-STANDARD without cargo containers. The containers can be found here: Cargo containers for GS-91-1000-STANDARD You can find the full ship, description, and images here: GS-91-1000-STANDARD The GS-91-1000-STANDARD has no offensive weaponry, however she is...
    13. Gasboy

      GS-91-1000-STANDARD 2016-09-12

      This is Gascor GasWerk's first vessel larger than a fighter. She is, when unloaded, a modestly fast and maneuverable cargo ship. With two fully loaded 25m containers, she wallows like a pig in mud, but hey, small cargo vessel. She has a jumpdrive, room for three crew if they hotbunk, a small...
    14. colonel lacu

      JRS-class cargo shuttle 1,0

    15. Wilavid7

      CRT Express Mk 1.1

      ~Updated with better cargo clamp (45 degree angle)~ Continuing their line of Cargo haulers, Cargo/Resource Transporters is proud to present their light delivery hauler, the CRT-Express. Designed to deliver cargo on the local scale (think the mailman), this vessel comes equipped with USD-Docking...
    16. colonel lacu

      JRS-Eisbrecher V2

      300 meters long, 12 turrets 3 million units of cargo space heavily armored. this ship also uses some templates from Skylord Luke so special thanks to him.
    17. SchnellBier

      SchnellBier_Fleet_Submission_1 2016-06-03

      Contains my first fleet for the first "Official Fleets Build Contest". The fleet consists of: - Bomber - Heavy Fighter - Miner - Cargo Ship - Frigate
    18. Anthros1984

      AFW Ovira Class Mining Frigate MK III

      AFW proudly presents the Ovira Class Mining Frigate MK III The Ovira Class are very powerful manual salvage ships with a heavy defensive arsenal. She can be used for short to medium length mining missions and for taking out and salvaging pirate ships. She wields a large and powerful Salvage...
    19. AZN_LZR

      H-12 Cargoship 1.0

      Here's another ship. Two more to go uploading... This is basically a carrier, but is used to hold cargo modules, which hold about 11k storage in each compartment of each module. There are two cannon turrets, one attached to the top and one to the bottom. There is a beam weapon system in the...
    20. Omegacybran

      OmegaCybran_Fleet_Submission_1 2016-05-03

      This is my first fleet submission. I will keep it short and simple. The fleet consists of 5 ships each with a different function. Drone (works in larger numbers to protect larger ships) Passenger ship (can transport people and small cargo amounts) Interceptor (pretty obvious, also does not...