ship contest

    1. Ithirahad

      Ithel-Oras-class Light Courier Ship 1.1 / Tail Fix

      The Ithel-Oras-class Courier, whose name means "Cloud-walker" in common Aethi, is the first indigenous Aethi starship cleared for export by the Aethi Star Navy in nearly 200 years. Built by Serei Sa'alin Shipyard in collaboration with Vaisaara Heavy Industries, the Ithel-Oras is a versatile...
    2. Zilvs

      Zilvs_Fleet_Submission_1 V2.0

      A set of four militaristic ships who prioritize speed and damage over armor and shields. Corvette: The large command vessel that accompanies the smaller craft on patrol mission or escorts larger capital ships when needed. Bomber: Small heavy hitting attack craft designed to pick off enemy...
    3. Yellow Voices

      Surge’s_Fleet_Submission_1 2016-04-27

      This is my submission to the fleet contest. These are designed to be roving raiders, similar to pirates, but not necessarily hostile. Ideally, you should be able to hire their services as mercenaries/privateers/fleet fodder. Far to the side, the HK - Harrier isn't for submission as it is...