1. Ithirahad

      Ithel-Oras-class Light Courier Ship 1.1 / Tail Fix

      The Ithel-Oras-class Courier, whose name means "Cloud-walker" in common Aethi, is the first indigenous Aethi starship cleared for export by the Aethi Star Navy in nearly 200 years. Built by Serei Sa'alin Shipyard in collaboration with Vaisaara Heavy Industries, the Ithel-Oras is a versatile...
    2. DeepspaceMechanic

      OrbHead interplanetary courier v1

      Official ad for the OrbHead line of light freighters: "We at the delivery division of Cyberspace Shipyards, Inc. are continually flabbergasted at the stuff you people are willing to order from off-world distributors. You can probably buy most of it in your own damn country, but nooo, you're...
    3. SchnellBier

      SBS CC (Cargo Courier) 1.0

      A shell for a cargo ship with small capacity for courier tasks.
    4. NaStral

      LiCorp Zaquar Class Courier [Legacy] 0.199.535

      The Zaquar exists to do one thing and one thing only: move. It has a thrust to mass ratio of 2.5 with full overdrive passive. A small cargo bay carries enough for high value cargo of trade value within reason. It has full defensive passives in a sturdy frame, though your primary action should be...
    5. GloryFang

      Runner Mk I 1.0

      Features living space, small cargo hold, landing gear and boarding ramp. No weapons (Space was reeeeaaally limited with interior), but features a jammer and partial overdrive, all packed in well under 500 mass and only 53 meters in width.
    6. D

      Rob Co. Rocket Ship (Fallout Universe) 2016-02-29

      I understand its not 1:1 how ever I think it's different from the usual titan busters.