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    the new version is now in pre-release state. Read the full news here: StarMade News - StarMade v0.200.250 Prerelease News

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    schema and the Schine team
    Greetings citizens, ~

    As a lot of you probably know, we are in the process of refining and testing the power update. Dev builds are released almost daily and things are coming together nicely.

    We have no intention to rush the release as a large amount of existing systems need to be tested multiple times. While waiting on test results, development can already continue on parts of the future weapon update. Most of its mechanics will already be done by the time the power update is out and should make it likely to release both updates within this year. We definitely want to start to work on the universe update in 2017 still, and we are excited to share the details with you right after the weapon update release.

    Within all of those updates, we will also continue working on stability and performance, especially further work to remove lag spikes or loading issues, including improvements to planet sectors. For now, we’ve reduced the default planet size further to decrease their impact on servers as an interim solution till they get replaced.

    The new power system will be able to run alongside the old power. This means that ships spawned from blueprints will still be usable. However, the old power blocks cannot be crafted or bought in shops unless the server owner reactivates them, building new ships with old power is therefore discouraged, but of course not disabled. As both old and new power can co-exist, we’ve altered the config system to support multiple styles of the same value for system balancing. This should help to make the transition as smooth as possible.

    A ship will be considered new power by default until an old power block is placed, in which case it would revert to the old power system, including structure hp and shields.

    Having the old system run alongside the new one of course added a bit of workload, but we think it is worth it to be able to compare both types in-game, showcasing the differences for any player.

    In addition to a new power...
    Greetings Citizens,

    A week ago, we started uploading public dev builds containing the new power system. These are unstable versions and should never be used on your everyday StarMade installation, yet they do allow you to play around with work in progress features for the upcoming release. You’re most likely going to suffer from data loss on the tested world so make sure to use a separate install for only these dev builds.

    We would normally not ask to check out these early dev builds. However, considering the nature of this update, we would appreciate it if you left constructive feedback on these early in-game features to give us time to adjust them.

    We’ve already read the feedback left here and that gave us a good idea on what to still work on or redesign. Currently we’re working out some small but important changes to address your concerns.

    We could also use more feedback on the user interface and the information it provides, where it should be streamlined to ensure a better build and flight experience.

    Balance concerns or suggestions should be mentioned too, the configs change almost every dev build though so make sure to mention the version number you’ve tested with.

    If you find any bugs, report them here (only fill in areas that are relevant) or leave a comment in this thread if you’re not too sure about it.

    We’ve also created a thread where you can leave chamber related suggestions (thread)

    Thanks for playing StarMade,

    ~ The Schine Team
    Greetings Citizens,

    One of our recent streams showcased the new Power System we’ve been working on. This is the dev blog that follows up on that. In case you’ve missed it, we’ve made a stream highlights video you can watch here:

    Most of what we’ve shown works exactly as described here: StarMade Ship Systems 2.0

    The difference now is that we have a fully functional system in-game. What follows is a summarisation of everything that was mentioned in the stream. Keep in mind what was shown is an internal dev-build. This is a Work-in-Progress, everything is subject to change. The user-interface is for development and debugging purposes only, it requires a lot of improvements to be user-friendly.

    We started with showing how to make a simple, functional reactor that provides power.

    There are two block types involved, the reactor blocks on the right and their counterparts, the stabilizers on the left. Stabilizers are not required for small reactors, but are necessary for improving the efficiency of larger reactor setups.

    As you can see, the stabilizers are colour coded to visualize their efficiency. Full green (most efficient) > full red (least efficient) and everything inbetween a mixture. In addition to coloring, a numerical value for stabilizer efficiency appears when looking at each block and we’ll make sure to add more context based information where needed. The distance required between these two groups depends on the size of the active reactor, and if you build stabilizers below the optimal range, they’ll lose efficiency, and you need more of them to stabilize the reactor.

    The power reactor blocks can be linked to chamber blocks with conduits. There are a number of chamber types, each one of them offering effects and additional mechanics to enhance...
    Greetings Citizens,

    Over the past few months, we at Schine have been planning, documenting, discussing and developing a new power system. After a lot of work, we’re now ready for the first public showcase, live on our Twitch stream @ Thursday 4 PM EDT, September 14th (8 PM UTC). You can catch us on Twitch here. We’ll be putting stream highlights on our YouTube channel, and a complete overview of the new power system will be posted soon after.

    EDIT: Stream highlights (power overhaul dev blog currently being worked on :) )

    We’re not able to set a date for the first dev build just yet, but we are working to get it out as soon as possible.

    There’s still a bit of work left with GUI, textures, general stability, configuration, and balancing. In the last week, kupukupu has been working on some awesome new textures for power blocks, and LancakeLancake is tweaking power details.

    Other than power, planning is going on behind the scenes for the universe update. We’re still in the planning process, but aim to begin working on the weapons update (first stage of universe overhaul) directly after power.

    Thanks for playing StarMade,

    ~ The Schine Team