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    This juicy update features a lot of fixes and quite a few improved controls.
    First and foremost is a new control feature which lets the player select the object nearest to him with the key 'g' or the object he is looking at with 'f'.
    Also, there are some major graphics updates with on one side will improve compatibility on older machines, and on the other replace the stall low quality background image (when it's fully done). It also gives me the option to dynamically create new hi quality backgrounds for other star systems for example. A nice little touch is the lens flare effect (which can only be seen when the bloom effect has been turned on)

    For the bugfixes:
    I fixed some major compatibility errors with Linux and Mac, which couldn't start the game due to an error in the launcher.
    Also, some long lasting errors are now catched, like for example the issue that single player could not be started if another program was using the port 4242.
    Finally I reduced the amount of log entries produced to give an additional boost for I/O operations

    Full changelog from 0.029 to 0.030:

    • [GRAPHICS][FEATURE] added very nice looking lens flare effect

    • [GRAPHICS][FEATURE] implemented new star drawer. Background now looks a lot better

    • [GRAPHICS][FEATURE] implemented new shader and system for space particles. Also implemented motion blur, so there is a better sense for moving at speed

    • [GENERAL][BUG] fixed bug in build mode drawer, that caused crash

    • [GENERAL][BUG] fixed bug in build mode drawer, that would cause empty selection boxes to be drawn

    • [PHYSICS][BUG] Improved raycasting physics: In build mode, when reaching the end of a segment, the placement of another block in the next segment would sometimes not work because the ray cast considered the other segment nearer as the segment, in which the placement should occur

    • [COMPATIBILITY][LINUX] fixed bug,...
    This update is again full of bugfixes. I'm trying to get some testers soon for another big test. When that test is successfull and the game runs (almost) crash free, I'm going to begin with the next big feature implementations, which will be AI, colonization and the reactivation of an open world.

    [GRAPHICS][BUG] fixed unlikely situation, where racing condition would not notify drawer of free resources, which causes a stop of updating block segments
    [GENERAL][BUG] when removing an element from a ship, the inventory modification was not send to the server correctly, leading to the possibility, that elements could be lost. This probably caused other bugs, too.
    [GENERAL][BALANCE] Thrusters effects now stack a lot slower
    [GENERAL][BUG] modifying groups of elements could lead to a calculation error in their effects (when a group was split into 2 groups by removing elements in the middle)
    [GENERAL][BUG] enabled ability to board missile and harvest controllers
    [GENERAL][BUG] fixed bug that prevented the player from placing an element on a ship right after the shop panel was closed
    This update is all about Bugfixes.
    Special thanks to Boldninja from www.binarychaos.net who helped me test!

    • [GENERAL][UI] added connection dialog so the game terminated, when the connect hangs (so it won't keep running in background)

    • [GENERAL][BUG] Fixed bug that would cause freeze, because a weapon fired, which isn't present on all clients yet

    • [NETWORK][BUG] fixed lag causing bug: the client became out of synch with a ping > 100. This is now prevented by periodically checking the synchronization

    • [GRAPHICS][BUG] fixed bug that would cause the graphics to stop updating cube segments after a while. This was caused because in some cases, segments didn't give back their currently reservated resources to the drawer

    • [GENERAL][UI] added drop down for server selection in client startup dialog that saves the last entered entries
    Some critical bugfixes.

    Also there will be a StarMade game night by www.binarychaos.net @ 03/25/2012 7:30 PDT

    + [GENERAL][BUG] Fixed bug: Players, that disconnected were not removed from the game

    + [NETWORK][PERFORMANCE] Better Lag compensation

    + [GENERAL][BUG] Fixed bug that caused Harvesting beams to be disabled

    + [GENERAL][BUG] Fixed bug that crashed an entity when Missile Controller was removed
    This is a pretty big update.

    • First of all, missiles are now implemented and functional. At this time, only "dumb missiles" (which only fly straight) are available, but the architecture for any other kind of missile is already there. Missiles are controlled by the server, so hits will be absolutely fair, and cheating is out of the question.

    • The second big update about this Version is a completely new look and feel of the in game panels. Special Thanks to Andrewian from http://www.binarychaos.net for giving me the idea and inspiration for the new look. It took me some time to get the hang the design stuff, but I'm quite happy with the result. All Menus are now reachable within one panel via tabs.

    • I also greatly improved the weapon assignment dialog, which now shows all data of the selected weapon (damage, reload time, etc.).

    • Furthermore, I added a new Navigation panel, which shows an overview over every object in range and how far it currently is from the player. You can also select your target in this panel.

    Full Changelog from Version 0.025 to Version 0.026

    • [INTERNAL][EXTENSIBILITY] refined element managing structure for easier management of usable elements like weapons, beams, thrusters and missiles

    • [NETWORK][STABILITY] The deadlock bug from 0.025 was still not fixed (just transported to another location) but should now be fixed. Clients will now only request segments in a secure environment

    • [GENERAL][FEATURE] Implemented Missiles and Missile Controllers (works just like weapons)

    • [GENERAL][FEATURE] Implemented splash damage. (e.g. when a missile hits, a radius of damage will be done to the structure)

    • [GENERAL][FEATURE] New Admin Command: "jump" will take you to the object you are looking at

    • [GENERAL][BUG] Fixed bug...