The test last night with the guys from was a success. Finally, the server stayed up nearly the whole time, there were no client crashes, and overall, there were only one unforeseen bug noted. On some occasions, players got kicked from the server with no apparent reason. The source of this problem was a big what-the-hell moment on my part: the logout function on the server (activated for example on ping timeout) actually logged out everybody except the client it actually should ;)
    I'm pretty confident, that within a few updates, the game will actually run without crashes.

    This update also contains a new beam: The salvage beam: it will replace the 'harvest' beam, and it's used to collect elements (like external editing) from within your ship. The more you group salvage beams together, the less time it will take for one element to be salvaged. You cannot salvage the enemy deathstar or any shop. You also can only salvage ships, that are not currently occupied.

    Also note, that Shift is now the break, and control is rolling inside ships

    Full changelog from 0.042 to 0.044:

    • [UI][CHANGE] Breaking is now SHIFT and rolling is now CONTROL (since Caps Lock was a stupid key to use...)

    • [GENERAL][BUG] Fixed bug where editing inside ship would be blocked by invisible object

    • [GENERAL][BALANCE] adapted prices for missiles. More starting credits and credits/second

    • [GENERAL][BUG] (Hopefully) fixed bug where people would not be registered as 'in shop distance' when they clearly were (needs testing since I cant reproduce alone)

    • [SERVER][BUG] Fixed bug where Server would kick all players from the server randomly when more people join/leave (needs more testing)

    • [SERVER][FEATURE] Manual kicking is now available

    • [SERVER][BUG] Fixed Message, players get, when they are logged out of the server for any reason.

    • [GENERAL][BUG] fixed bug where the...
    Finally, external editing is available. You can now edit everything except shops and ships, that are currently occupied by other players.

    Full changelog from 0.041 to 0.042

    • [UI][BUG] fixed bug where health bar would not update to the current health

    • [MEMORY][PERFORMANCE] improved memory usage on server by not allocating empty segments at all

    • [PHYSICS][BUG] fixed ugly raycasting bug, that in rare situation 'optimized' segments away, which actually would collide

    • [GENERAL][BUG] fixed bug, that caused element effects (like power) to be added multiple times for the same element at loading time on client

    • [GENERAL][REFINE] Destruction is now completely on Server to prevent clients to get a corrupted segment from server/client delay -> no more 0 damage

    • [GENERAL][FEATURE] External editing is now available and works just like internal editing. Connecting however can only be done inside a ship. Everything can be edited except shops and ships, that currently have another person inside.
    Probably one of the most graphic-design heavy updates so far. I redid almost everything of the GUI (except of what was already up-to-date) and adapted to a new less ugly-green style.

    Also, finally there are InGame options available. The resolution, fullscreen, VSynch, Bloom Effect, draw distance, and many more can now be changed on-the-fly with one click!


    full changelog from 0.040 to 0.041

    • [UI][FEATURE] added options panel

    • [UI][ENHANCEMENT] new text input panel

    • [GRAPHICS][FEATURE] it's now possible to change options inGame

    • [GRAPHICS][PERFORMANCE] better performance for bloom effect

    • [UI][ENHANCEMENT] updated graphics for dialogs

    • [UI][ENHANCEMENT] updated graphics for menus

    • [UI][ENHANCEMENT] added a top bar and refined display of credits and ship/player info.

    • [UI][ENHANCEMENT] added speed meter to top bar.

    • [UI][ENHANCEMENT] added bottom bar

    • [UI][ENHANCEMENT] Moved build and weapon bars to the bottom

    • [UI][ENHANCEMENT] combined build/weapon icons and power/health bar into bottom bar
    Some crucial fixes for the Server and a few graphics improvements.

    Changelog from 0.037 to 0.040

    • [GRAPHCIS][ENHANCEMENT] improved look and performance of standard weapon beams

    • [GRAPHICS][TEXTURE] new front for all missile modules

    • [SERVER][BUG] fixed evil bug that caused crash on retrieval of segments when more than one player were on one server. This was a hard one to fix

    • [SERVER][BUG] fixed server crash when segment of nonexistent segment controller was requested

    • [SERVER][BUG] fixed crash when missiles checked for collision

    • [MEMORY][PERFORMANCE] fixed aggressive allocating of native memory. OutOfMemory Exceptions should be no more

    • [GENRAL][UI] added joined/left notice for players
    Finally after a lot of bugfixing I got to add new Features: Two new Missile types.

    • The Heat Seeking missile will chase any object that produces heat (Ships, Deathstar, Character), that is currently nearest to the Missile

    • The Target Chasing Missile: Players can lock on onto otherobjects by keeping the corsair on the target for 5 seconds. After locking on to a target, every missile shot will chase that target unil the corsair is removed from the target for 3 seconds.
    Changelog from 0.036 to 0.037

    • [SEGMENTLOADER][PERFORMANCE] better performance for the segment loader by initializing actual data only at data retrieval. This will in one hand eliminate the problem, that empty segments occupied data until short before added to buffer. On the other hand this reduces the points where something could go wrong immensly.

    • [GENERAL][FEATURE] Player characters, ships (in flight and in buildmode) are now able to translate vertically with 'Q' and 'E'. ship entering is now 'V' and breaks are now the left caps lock

    • [GENERAL][BUG] the player flying animation will no longer update, when in chat mode

    • [GRAPHICS][MEMORY] saved quite a bit of memory by reusing one texture for the descriptions of the shop panel

    • [GENERAL][BUG] Missiles were not removed from the game on round end, which could lead to possible bugs

    • [HELP][UPDATE] updated F1 help screens with new keys

    • [GENERAL][FEATURE] added a Heat Seeking Missile. This missile will lock on to the nearest target (never the one who shot the missile). The target can be either a ship, a character in space, or a deathstar

    • [GENERAL][FEATURE] added a Target Chasing Missile. This missile can be locked on by holding the ships corsair at the target for 5 seconds. The missile will then instantly fly a direct route to the target.

    • [GRAPHICS][FEATURE] added HUD...