Finally after a lot of bugfixing I got to add new Features: Two new Missile types.

    • The Heat Seeking missile will chase any object that produces heat (Ships, Deathstar, Character), that is currently nearest to the Missile

    • The Target Chasing Missile: Players can lock on onto otherobjects by keeping the corsair on the target for 5 seconds. After locking on to a target, every missile shot will chase that target unil the corsair is removed from the target for 3 seconds.
    Changelog from 0.036 to 0.037

    • [SEGMENTLOADER][PERFORMANCE] better performance for the segment loader by initializing actual data only at data retrieval. This will in one hand eliminate the problem, that empty segments occupied data until short before added to buffer. On the other hand this reduces the points where something could go wrong immensly.

    • [GENERAL][FEATURE] Player characters, ships (in flight and in buildmode) are now able to translate vertically with 'Q' and 'E'. ship entering is now 'V' and breaks are now the left caps lock

    • [GENERAL][BUG] the player flying animation will no longer update, when in chat mode

    • [GRAPHICS][MEMORY] saved quite a bit of memory by reusing one texture for the descriptions of the shop panel

    • [GENERAL][BUG] Missiles were not removed from the game on round end, which could lead to possible bugs

    • [HELP][UPDATE] updated F1 help screens with new keys

    • [GENERAL][FEATURE] added a Heat Seeking Missile. This missile will lock on to the nearest target (never the one who shot the missile). The target can be either a ship, a character in space, or a deathstar

    • [GENERAL][FEATURE] added a Target Chasing Missile. This missile can be locked on by holding the ships corsair at the target for 5 seconds. The missile will then instantly fly a direct route to the target.

    • [GRAPHICS][FEATURE] added HUD...
    This update should fix some new and some very hard to fix old problems.

    • [PHYSICS][ENHANCEMENT] A big one: Fixed problem of ships getting stuck in other objects at high speed. A nontrivial problem: basically each frame the step in physics is subdivied into substeps only calculating imminent or actual collisions. This is however a problem, when an object has a speed way over a certain threshold. then it happens that the object will just pass through other objects, getting stuck. To solve this problem, I implemented an algorithm that activates a save fail function for objects at high speed, increasing the count of substeps gradually with the speed, enabling the physics to calculate every collision.

    • [GENERAL][BUG] fixed a server bug that would cause a crash on physics running conditions

    • [GENERAL][BUG] fixed a bug where players would die when exiting the ship. players are now put well outside of the harm.

    • [NETWORK][ENHANCEMENT] A big one: Implemented private channel for clients to request their segments to prevent bugs being caused by receiving wild segments

    • [GENERAL][BUG] It were possible to connect the same element to multiple controllers, getting the benefit for every connection. Now if an element is connected, all previous connection are broken up

    • [GENERAL][BUG] if player has entered a ship at a different controller besides the core, he was able to control the ship's thrusters

    • [GENERAL][BUG] if the controller where a player entered was deleted, the player still counted as inside the ship. Now, all players inside a deleted block are being exited

    • [GRAPHICS][BUG] fixed bug with shaders where some shaders would not compile on some ATI cards

    • [GENERAL][MEMORY] patched up a lot of memory leaks, where it could produce out of memory exceptions

    • [GENERAL][BUG] Floating rocks are now removed if they loose every block
    Version 0.032 - 0.034 were all short releases which I (for the first time) had someone who helped me testing and finding bugs. Big thanks to the awesome TurboDemoMan!
    changes from 0.032 to 0.035

    • [GENERAL][BALANCE] balanced damage and blast radius of missiles

    • [GENERAL][BALANCE] every element now has a mass of 0.5 instead of 1

    • [SEGMENTLOADER][CLIENT] Improved loading of segments, so less segment errors would occur

    • [SEGMENTLOADER][BUG] Fixed reloading and purging of segments with tab+F6 and tab+F7

    • [SEGMENTLOADER][BUG] Fixed error that calculated the mass wrong after reload

    • [UI][BUG] No more shooting when closing a panel with the 'x'

    • [UI][BUG] Fixed bug that would cause the player to exit the ship when pressing esc

    • [GENERAL][BUG] fixed bug that could cause freeze when object were deleted

    • [GENERAL][BUG] fixed bug where players couldn't buy stuff at the shop anymore and indicators would not show the correct distance when a round ended

    • [LAUNCHER][FEATURE] added a dialog to define, how much memory StarMade may use (with 32 bit java, the max memory should be less then 1024MB, since it could be that java will run out of memory because too much memory was reserved for Java taking away memory from the JVM. see )

    • [GENERAL][MEMORY] Improved the memory footprint a lot by re-using directly allocated buffers with a dynamic size instead of allocating new ones

    • [SOUND][BUG] fixed bug that would play weapon sounds twice in single player

    • [GENRAL][BUG] fixed bug that would cause 'phantom' modules or a wrong calculation of weapon and missile capabilities

    • [UI][FEATURE] added big arrow that points to the front of the ship if entered first time

    • [UI][BUG] The Game Menu...
    Originally, I planned to do some new features, but there is a reddit playdate coming up on saturday. So for this week I'll focus on improving the stability and the control of StarMade.
    for more information about the playdate, go to

    changelog from 0.030 to 0.031

    • [GENERAL][BUG] fixed bug that could cause crash on a cache miss from the controllingMap

    • [GRAPHICS][BUG] Explosions and missiles weren't drawn in the last version. Switched to a more efficient method of drawing

    • [GRAPHICS][BUG] Particle sorting was imprecise

    • [GENERAL][BALANCE] implemented and balanced missiles for grouping

    • [GENERAL][BALANCE] missiles are now primed immediately, but will not hit the ship, that fired them

    • [GENERAL][PERFORMANCE] the initial loading of sprites and overlays is now done fully at load time, so that lags on slower machines would not happen.

    • [GRAPHICS][BUG] thruster plumes would not draw under a shield

    • [GENERAL][BUG] added check for controlled elements, so corrupt db data won't consider empty segments as controlled

    • [SOUND][ADD] added sound for missile fire
    This juicy update features a lot of fixes and quite a few improved controls.
    First and foremost is a new control feature which lets the player select the object nearest to him with the key 'g' or the object he is looking at with 'f'.
    Also, there are some major graphics updates with on one side will improve compatibility on older machines, and on the other replace the stall low quality background image (when it's fully done). It also gives me the option to dynamically create new hi quality backgrounds for other star systems for example. A nice little touch is the lens flare effect (which can only be seen when the bloom effect has been turned on)

    For the bugfixes:
    I fixed some major compatibility errors with Linux and Mac, which couldn't start the game due to an error in the launcher.
    Also, some long lasting errors are now catched, like for example the issue that single player could not be started if another program was using the port 4242.
    Finally I reduced the amount of log entries produced to give an additional boost for I/O operations

    Full changelog from 0.029 to 0.030:

    • [GRAPHICS][FEATURE] added very nice looking lens flare effect

    • [GRAPHICS][FEATURE] implemented new star drawer. Background now looks a lot better

    • [GRAPHICS][FEATURE] implemented new shader and system for space particles. Also implemented motion blur, so there is a better sense for moving at speed

    • [GENERAL][BUG] fixed bug in build mode drawer, that caused crash

    • [GENERAL][BUG] fixed bug in build mode drawer, that would cause empty selection boxes to be drawn

    • [PHYSICS][BUG] Improved raycasting physics: In build mode, when reaching the end of a segment, the placement of another block in the next segment would sometimes not work because the ray cast considered the other segment nearer as the segment, in which the placement should occur

    • [COMPATIBILITY][LINUX] fixed bug,...