Jun 27, 2017
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    Welcome to the Union Coalition of
    Interstellar Vanguards!

    --Interstellar Vanguard Shipyards--


    Hi. Jim here, also known as StarGuy1701, with my first forum thread ever!

    It's been a while since I first started playing StarMade around June of 2017 and I'd say, I have improved. Especially on the detailing. I want to share what I have been building with the community through this shipyard thread. I will be posting ship designs and their progress here.

    Let me start by showing you my first ship, now known as Nora One.
    SC-2000 UCIV Nora - Light Cruiser
    This ship was posted on the docks in the same month of June 2017, back when I didn't know symmetry mode building was a thing. And yes, that means I built this ship manually that I used lines of counted blocks on each side of the ship as guides and to measure things.

    I was such a noob. And obviously, this ship is not 100% symmetrical. So I immediately went for a second try, therefore the creation of Nora II.
    SC-2000 UCIV Nora II - Command Cruiser
    This is the ship that had undergone lots and lots of updates. And has the most number of likes, comments, and downloads on the dock. Nora II had a special place in my heart up the point where I even spawned it on a survival server, where I built other ships of varying size and purpose, as well as my first shipyard!
    SC-1172 UCIV Kelby - Light Support Corvette
    starmade-screenshot-00001 (21).png
    SC-1230 UCIV Orion - Support Cruiser
    SG-1701 UCIV Zeta - Command Station (And the un-finished Coretta Light Defense Cruiser and the unfinished Tyrant Light Assault Cruiser)
    Sadly, these creations were never finished but I might find myself going back to them sometimes. So long as I can still find their blueprints. But back then, I had prepared myself enough to play on a survival server. The funny thing is, I thought these ships were huge. I mean they did take me months to make this many ships. I then realize that these are tiny by comparison against other player ships. Just then, I know: I should be building bigger. Thus, I built Nora III.
    SC-2000 UCIV Nora III - Heavy Cruiser
    A disappointment of a ship on my part. While I did accomplish making a ship design that big -- design-wise, I find this quite ugly. To be fair, it was a desperate attempt to make a bigger Nora II, after all. Which again was my favorite build. I never got to finish this ship and I'm not sure if I still could.

    The blueprint can be found on my posted resources to those who are interested in redesigning it.

    Anyways, I stuck to using Nora II and improved it again and again throughout my time in Starmade. I had some attempts to make the next ship, but for the most part: failure... among other designs I attempted building.
    A few months later, I built the best successor to the Nora series, Nora Delta. Along with two other cool ships.
    SC-2000 UCIV Nora Delta - Heavy Command Cruiser

    SC-1020 UCIV Pandora - Light Attack Cruiser

    The Martian Starship: UCIV - Erin

    These are probably the best looking ships I have. But only Nora Delta had the complete interior and systems finished at this point. Kind of stopped playing after a while so I was not able to finish the other two ships. They still are equipped with the new power and weapons systems though.

    Flash forward in time, around 2018, I believe?

    I once again decided to join a survival server, because why not? I got myself a new miner/cargo ship hybrid based on my existing designs.
    Sadly, it got destroyed by pirates, which were apparently custom built and were still awfully strong for me there. Gladly, I was able to start working on my second Station then.
    Everything was kind of well on that server. But then, out of stupidity and arrogance, I waged war against a strong hostile nation with my naive thinking I can protect a couple of my friends there. I only made things worse for them and that pushed me off the server. And as for the station blueprint, it is nowhere to be found.

    It's like history repeating itself for me. I saw what the ship looked like. How big it is, and how much shield it has.

    So again, out of desperation, I built something extra large for my usual style. Cause I felt like taking revenge. But then, by the time I finished the ship, I wasn't upset anymore. I resumed building the warship anyway. This is the Tyrant, mark II.
    SC-2155 COP Tyrant II - Heavy Assault Cruiser
    Finally, the best excuse I have for a combat ship. The Tyrant II offers almost no interior but packed with systems to maximize it's combat capabilities. The details of the said capabilities have yet to be fully determined for I'm still working on refitting the ship due to the recent changes. I am looking forward to uploading this to the dock once finalized.

    It took me a while to build something else after this, but I had plenty of work in progress:
    Finally, my pride and joy. The flagship of the Interstellar Vanguards, Terran Division's prime fleet, the SC-2000 UCIV Nora V - Heavy Command Cruiser.

    I'll be posting a lot of pictures and updates for this since it's what I am currently working on.

    That's it for this post. I will be posting updates with screenshots when available. Thanks for checking out the thread and do let me know your thoughts!
    Jul 30, 2013
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    This dude makes the coolest ships on his side of the Mississippi! I was seriously so happy thinking you had maybe finished the NORA but alas! maybe soon :)
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