UCIV Nora II - Command Cruiser V3.0 (REFIT)

    The Flagship of the Terran Division of the Union Coalition of Interstellar Vanguards

    1. StarGuy1701
      Hi, everyone!
      javaw 2017-09-06 23-38-47-23.jpg
      StarGuy1701 Returns, and with a better build of the UNSS Nora Cruiser. A remake, rather.

      In this update, Nora underwent a (quite so) heavy refitting process. As well as some Exterior/Interior design changes.

      Refitted ship of (almost) every systems. But to summarize:

      The Ups:
      - More power regen (1m+)
      - More power cap (9m+)
      - Faster shield recharge (for a bit)
      - More thrust (1.6 Ratio for 9930 blocks)

      The Downs:
      - Reduced Warp drive charging rate (due to fewer modules and increased mass)
      - Power Aux is no more
      javaw 2017-09-07 00-38-24-11.jpg

      Exterior and Interior Design update:

      - Warp Engine "Engine" Design update
      - Additional Hull details
      - Added Cafeteria (used to be crew quarters 2)
      - Removed Consoles and some other things on the Engineering floor, replaced by a reactor thingy
      - Not necessarily new, but in case you guys didn't notice, window blinds :)

      javaw 2017-09-06 23-39-59-58 - Copy.jpg
      - Bridge (with the "Holographic Quadrant Map" on)
      javaw 2017-09-06 23-40-51-54.jpg
      - Command Center (Weapons control and Tactical Operations with the "Holographic System Map")
      javaw 2017-09-06 23-42-07-58.jpg
      - Some Hallways
      javaw 2017-09-06 23-43-25-36.jpg
      - Crew Quarters and Cafeteria
      javaw 2017-09-06 23-43-44-79.jpg
      - Main and Secondary Hangars
      javaw 2017-09-06 23-44-28-23.jpg
      - Engineering (Reactor and Core Rooms)
      javaw 2017-09-06 23-45-09-16.jpg

      Anyways, Let me know what you guys think. Maybe now, I will try to make ships based from somewhere else. (I have weak originality features. But at least, it's different)

      Edit: Also, I know some of you might be thinking why I update this ship a lot instead of making new ones, that's because I get distracted by this a lot and ending up not building new ones -- I AM making new ones... Just not ready or some are very WIP (I do multi-tasking/work)
      javaw 2017-09-06 23-31-17-09.jpg
      Aside from these, I am still in the process of making Ships/Station that of a different style and theme.

    Recent Reviews

    1. DeepspaceMechanic
      Version: V2.1 (AMS Upgrade)
      Good job! - You improved compared to the first version, I like the larger and more detailed interior, I particularly liked the red alerts and the elevator layout. Also thanks for mentioning the use of my AMS turrets in the recent update, I like how you have one even on the rail doors of the hangar, that's something I didn't see before.
      1. StarGuy1701
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the review! :D

        I actually liked your AMS turrets mostly because of its compact(ness). And the design reminds me of the Phalanx CIWS (the one used by Naval destroyers). That said, it is also due to my noob(ness) into making my own turrets. xD
    2. darknassius
      Version: V2.0
      very nice build exterior with a very nice interior
      1. StarGuy1701
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the review! :D

        Glad you like it xD
    3. Star-Boy
      Version: V1.1
      This is great work for a new builder. The ship makes me laugh a little because it reminds me of a star destroyer getting mounted by a Federation ship. You should redo the bridge in a saucer shape to complete the effect :) I think you need to redo the red lights/crystals covered in scaffold at the back. Check out other people's engine designs for some inspiration because cool engines are the most important part when you want your ship to look impressive. I also feel like you should redo the ceilings in the interior as the placement of lights and stuff feels very random and haphazard in places. Overall this ship is great and you show a lot of talent for someone new to the game. I look forward to seeing future builds from you.
      1. StarGuy1701
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the Review :)

        The shape was entirely based from the StarDestroyer indeed and the aesthetics being from the Enterprise, but I like the bridge the way it is. (It's kinda like the only original thing I thought of the ship). I'm not really sure how I could redo the red thing on the back but I actually like it, but I might think of other ways to make it look better.

        For the interior part, I agree it could use some work. I am still learning and the ship still has space for improvements ;D

        Thanks again! :)
    4. Lunderen
      Version: V1.0
      Looks nice how you combined the two styles together! For the interior try to use some more different block types. Same with the outer hull. But overall great build and I hope you keep updating this ship. Keep up the great work.
      1. StarGuy1701
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the review! :D

        I'll surely update this more often, I have plans to add more features here as long as there's space ;)