CS-1029 NF Dale - Light Corvette

    CS-1029 NF Dale - Light Corvette v1.0

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    v1.0 Initial Release
    Hi! StarGuy1701 here and with a new build.

    Recently, a fellow on the Starmade discord asked me to build a ship that is a combination of a Star War's A-wing and a Babylon's Star Fury along with 2 other community members. With my current building style, this is what I have come up with.

    If you are interested, AAlexandrosTGreat's entry can be downloaded here, and ArgoContar's entry can be downloaded here.

    The ship has complete systems installed. Thrust mass ration is 2.9 with max speed of 214.8. Shields are pretty decent with 500 recharge per second with a total capacity of 112,500 shield HP, mostly thanks to the installed shield capacity 2 chambers. Armed with Cannon-Cannon and Missile-Beam. Though I would not recommend the ship for combat. In fact, the system is not well-made so feel free to refit it as you wish.

    The ship comes with 3 paint jobs, as can be seen in the pictures.

    That's it for now, folks. I am working on other projects at the same time and I will provide updates as soon as I can. Thank you for checking out my ship and if you like it, please comment.
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    This is one of those rare ships where you can feel the love put into it.

    I personally watched this ship be constructed over the span of several days, and it was absolutely awe inspiring. The ship displays an excellent knowledge of 'less-is-more' detailing and a consistent vision of design that i can only envy. Truly an excellent ship to both fly and blow up. 8/10
    Hi @AAlexandrosTGreat,

    Thank you for the feedback! It was a truly fun build and I'm glad that you like it!