star trek

    1. BlueNationPrez

      StarShipPacific NCC-201 2019-07-19

      She is the most technological ship that the Federation has ever built. Though not to scale and not every ability and i did not watch it, i do not know the interior. My most complaints is the SLOWness of my ships. (well 1) So this ship can go above 100m/s with fast acceleration. Well what are...
    2. Randomo

      Star Trek DSC - Class C Shuttle Discovery Variant 1.0

      Star Trek Discovery - Class C Shuttlecraft [Discovery Variant] Class C Shuttlecraft were the standard federation shuttlecraft stationed on ships and stations alike in the mid-2230s - mid-2250s. They came outfitted with a controversial warp drive that could let the crew of the shuttle warp small...
    3. Doctor110311

      Inter-Server Starfleet

      Welcome To Starfleet! We are a multi-server Roleplay faction. Our purpose? To have fun and to keep the peace across servers. We will focus on a different Star Trek era for each server we join. ENT - DSC - TOS/TAS - TMP - TNG - DS9/VOY - PIC Starting with ENT and moving all the way to PIC. (We...
    4. P

      Neelix shuttle: "Baxian" 2019-04-08

      I am making my own version of USS Voyager, this includes a hangar bay with all the shuttles out of the series... Hope you all enjoy my first posted shuttle... Description: Type: Shuttle/Salvager Name: Baxian Length: 17m Width: 13m Height: 6m Speed: 225m/sec 8 charge blocks + 12...
    5. Edymnion

      Star Trek Discovery - U.S.S. Enterprise (Shell) 2019-03-30

      ------------------------- U.S.S. Enterprise Star Trek: Discovery ------------------------- Height: 182 m Width: 397 m Length: 866 m Hull Type: Standard Armor Block Count: 532,497 This shell was entirely hand made without the use of mesh importers of any kind. A thread was kept...
    6. Edymnion

      Star Trek Discovery - Enterprise Saucer Shell for Kitbashing 2019-02-28

      As requested, the saucer section of my Star Trek Discovery Enterprise build as a stand alone piece. Useful as a straight up flying saucer by itself, or as a center piece for building a kitbash around. Empty shell only, 397m in width.
    7. Edymnion

      Star Trek: Shuttlecraft, Type 6 1.0

      Star Trek - Shuttlecraft, Type 6 Dimensions Height: 7m Length: 11m Width: 11m Weapons & Shields Shields: 1,000 Shield Recharge: 100/sec Beams: x2, 250 dps each General Stats Blocks: 502 Mass: 69.5 Thrust: 114.9 Salvage Power: 125 Cargo Capacity: 700 Chambers: Recon, base scanners...
    8. klawxx

      Klawxx - Danube Runabout 1.0

      * W00T! Power / Weapons 2.0 certified (!) * Danube Runabout from Star Trek - DS9 Medium Size, warp capable, shuttle with crew quarters and basic amenities. Able to defend itself against some threats. Dimensions: +Length: 21 m +Height 6 m +Width: 15 m Statistics: + Mass: 48.5 + Shields...
    9. klawxx

      Klawxx - Valkyrie Fighter 1.0

      * W00T! Power / Weapons 2.0 certified (!) * Valkyrie Fighter from Star Trek "Invasion" (PS1 game) Small Fighter with advanced systems. Standard StarFleet Fighter complement for Akira heavy cruisers. Good for sub-light dogfight. Dimensions: +Length: 21 m +Height 6 m +Width: 15 m Statistics...
    10. klawxx

      Klawxx - Sphinx (M1) WorkPod 1.0

      * W00T! Power / Weapons 2.0 certified (!) * Sphinx WorkPod from Star Trek - TNG (Model M1) Industrial drone mainly used for construction and repair of stations and starships. Manned by a single operator. Dimensions: +Length: 10 m +Height 5 m +Width: 7 m Statistics: + Mass: 16.3 + Shields...
    11. klawxx

      Klawxx - Type 6 Shuttle 1.0

      * W00T! Power / Weapons 2.0 certified (!) * Type 6 Shuttle from Star Trek - TNG Good for moving between around starbases and capital ships. Doesn't have weapons. Use only for transportation! Dimensions: +Length: 9 m +Height 5 m +Width: 7 m Statistics: + Mass: 11.9 + Shields: 500 (75...
    12. Ael's

      NX-Alpha 1.0

      NX-Alpha of the series Star Trek Enterprise. NX-Alpha de la série Star Trek Enterprise. Photos / Pictures
    13. Ael's

      [FR|EN] - Ael's Creations

      [FR] - Mes Créations | My Creations [EN] Description [Comming Soon] - - - Star Trek Ships [1] - Module d'Inspection | Inspection Pod - Star Trek Enterprise - [2.0 Energy Done] Information - Rayon Tracteur (Bras de Manipulation) - Gravité Locale (Module de Gravité) - Tractor Beam...
    14. valcor777

      Farpoint Class Hull v0.201.126

      this hull took a bit of time on and off to complete. using Omegagame's excesior refit model (can be found here i stripped the rest of the hull away apart from the saucer section and created the rest. this is just a hull made...
    15. StarGuy1701

      UCIV 3-Ship Pack (WIP) v1.2.1: (Weapons Update)

      v1.2: Systems and Weapons Update v1.2.1: Systems and Weapons Update [/SPOILER] Hello again Starmade Community! Jim here, also known as Starguy1701, is back with 3 new ships that implements the recent Game Updates such as the new Power and Weapons Update. These ships are still WIP. However, In...
    16. Feanor_Arran

      USS Avalon 2018-05-14

      Logic Frame/Shell I had intended to upload this once I had the profile and shell done. Oops. No major subsystems; Reactor and Stabilizers are in, along with Propulsion and Docking. What you get is the shell and much of the logic I've put on, along with some chibi-fighters. Features: Working...
    17. Ael's

      Argo - Argo Type Shuttle 1.0

      Argo - Argo Type Shuttle of the movie Star Trek Nemesis. Argo - Argo Type Shuttle du film Star Trek Nemesis. Photos / Pictures
    18. Ael's

      Runabout - Danube Class 1.1

      Originally built by "Klawxx", redraw and updated by myself (Ael's). - - - - - Runabout - Danube Class of the series Star Trek Deep Space Nine "DS9". Runabout - Classe Danube de la série Star Trek Deep Space Nine "DS9". Photos / Pictures
    19. Blazio

      Constellation Class - Deep Space Explorer v3 2018-03-28

      Greeting, I'd like to introduce version 3 of Myztek Aerospace's Constellation Class. Listed below are the changes done since v2: - Smoothed out and detailed outer hull - Updated to the new power system - Incorporated Defense, Power, Jump Drive, and Recon Chambers - Rebuild the interior -...
    20. freddyvulcan

      Klingon "D2" Class 0.199.654a

      I based the ship off of the Klingon D7 and a similar smaller ship from Star Trek: Enterprise (which for all its egregious flaws at least produced some interesting ship designs). The idea was to design a fully capable ship for the early game by making a mini version of the other Klingon ships. It...