1. klawxx

      Move faster in build mode [1/3 SOLVED]

      Hello, guys! AndyP , Lancake, DukeofRealms . I would be delighted If anyone could help me with these minor nuisiances: 1) My support / feature request is simple enough. I believe that it can be achieved editing some obscure XML like file that I'm unaware of. Is there a way to move faster on...
    2. BoomMicGuy

      SCS-Achilles 1.0

      This ship is generally designed to combat missiles and be compact enough and cheap enough to be transported along side StarCorps upcoming fleet carrier. It hosts Three PD oriented turrets. The shield is a small 13k. The ship does not host its own FTL chambers as it is designed to be taken with...
    3. BoomMicGuy

      Star Corps Shipyard

      Brief Description: The shipyard focuses on Ship Construction and Maintenance to allied factions. Our main goal is to supply Allied Members with basic Patrol, Defense, and Offensive craft. That are cost effective and can be modified easily to suit the needs of the faction. This shipyard does not...
    4. MacThule

      Shield Drain/Supply?

      Have they said anything about shield drain/supply? I expected them to be set up during the current phase, but they seem to be non-functional. Power drain/supply as well. Are they all on the block with pulse?
    5. BoomMicGuy

      SCS-Crusader-AssaultFrigate 1.0

      This ship is the first full ship I built with the new power system. It is inspired by the Homeworld 2 Frigate. the two top turrets and inspired by Gmodisims AMS turrets as the base is small but the arms that support the turret are widened. Some features from the Homeworld 2 frigate hasn't been...
    6. Jake_Lancia

      TRV Lucia-class Destroyer V1.0

      Lucia-class Destroyer Detailed further here: Lucia-class Often compared to siege weapons of a bygone era, the Lucia-class is designed to act as a support ship in any fleet. Part of the industrial-looking Generation 2 Program (started 2315), the Lucia is covered in heavy plates of armour and...
    7. BoomMicGuy

      SCS-Watcher-PatrolCraft 1.0

    8. G

      Game Crash / Freeze on Buying anything from the shop

      my game just freezes when i try to buy anything from the shop, the manner i buy in doesnt seem to matter ive tried allocating more RAM and lowering graphics, to no avail
    9. Starlord Nero

      Chosen War Boy 2017-08-21

      **Star Lord Nero** This is yet another of my creations, "War Boy". It's unfinished, but uploaded for your editing, and playing pleasure. I wanted to get this in before the power update, not expecting great reviews as every ship i work on I learn more and more. Your criticism is appreciated...
    10. ohartenstein23

      OttoTech Industries Skirmisher Mk. II

      My first upload here is a gunship I originally designed to recycle blocks from salvaged Isanths in order to create a fleet to attack more pirates. Re-painted and optimized for the Minimade server, it finds a roll as a support craft for attacking frigate-sized ships. The main weapon is a...
    11. flashyink

      M.V. Neptune 2017-05-23

      Flash Omnistellar >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> _______________________________________________________ Interstellar Defense Fleet Contract 0002 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Classification: M.V. Neptune Contract History...
    12. spaceEngineer

      The worst bugs

      Hello all this isn't really going to be a suggestion but rather a collection of them. I want to put together a list of the bugs currently in the game that are happening to the most people to the most degree. This way the devs know which bugs need fixing first from a players standpoint. To be...
    13. Ultragamer2000

      NDR Skyhawk Ion Support Corvette Mk1

      New Datlof Republic Shipyards Presents: Skyhawk Ion Support Corvette A new squadron support corvette for our emerging squadrons of X-6 Firebirds, built on the very success in live combat tests, the NDR and the public are recommended to use 1 of these for every 15 firebirds. With 138 m/s speed...
    14. Tydeth

      Space Ambulance 1.0 [SM v0.199.234]

      Get to the scene of a medical emergency quickly with the Magnetar Industries Space Truck Type-MD, more commonly known as the Space Ambulance. With a TWR greater than 2.5 and a maximized Overdrive, this thing is guaranteed to fly at the fastest possible speed no matter where it goes...
    15. Napther

      KDI "Defender" ASW Support Missile Destroyer 1.0

      Foreword: KDI Does not recommend using the "Defender" class as a front line warship. It is equipped for scanning and fleet support and anti-warhead with its overdrive beam turrets, and dealing with small fast vessels with them and its missiles. Sadly, the AI will back off to max weapons range...
    16. Cansador

      CSM Eclipse 1.0

      Hi, there is my Support Missile Fighter, the CSM Eclipse! It´s designed to support your other Fighters and take out enemies without AM-Systems. The Eclipse looks similar like the Nova, with an extended Body. Here are it´s stats: Mass: 333 Length: 35m Width: 21m Height: 10m Power: 194,130...
    17. AAlexandrosTGreat

      Major issues with fps after latest update(s) [SOLVED]

      Recently I took a several month long break from starmade, when i returned i found that my performance in-game had degraded massively. Before these updates i was able to maintain a solid 60 fps in empty or low density sectors. I was also able to upload ships from my catalog to the server...
    18. Benevolent27

      Server Optimizations - provide a "server only" download option + some guidance

      Hello. Well so this is a two part suggestion aimed at helping server operators. 1. This suggestion is relatively simple. It is to have a separate jar file which operates ONLY as a server. It could be run exactly as the server is now, with the same switches, except when it updates it ONLY...
    19. RoAnnon

      Baltic Class Frigate Tender (WIP) 3.0

      Currently under development at HighGuard Enterprises’ Shipyard Bravo, this vessel is tasked with the quick deployment, basing and maintenance of a full squadron of Zamzara Shipyards' E5553 Wyvern frigates. The E5553 required slight modifications to docking hardware to allow successful mating...
    20. Bladeriker

      S.C.R.A.M. Primus (Light Craft Destroyer) 2016-05-12

      The Primus was designed to handle most light craft (Fighter, Bombers, Corvettes), while acting as a fleet support ship. Displacement: L135m, H45m, W40m. Reactor: 690K e/sec, 2k battery. Shields: 190K, 20K recharge. Ion system 14% Jump Drives. Scanner system. Thrust to Mass 1.5 Armaments: 10...