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    TRV Lucia-class Destroyer V1.0

    Massive Ion lance beam mounted to a tiny destroyer

    1. Jake_Lancia
      Game version:

      Lucia-class Destroyer

      Detailed further here: Lucia-class

      Often compared to siege weapons of a bygone era, the Lucia-class is designed to act as a support ship in any fleet.
      Part of the industrial-looking Generation 2 Program (started 2315), the Lucia is covered in heavy plates of armour and wiring to minor systems.
      It's primary feature however, is the huge Ionic beam weapon mounted between a split in the primary hull, able to one-shot some 4 million shields with a 12 second reload time.

      MASS (w/rail): 29,858.4
      L/H/W - 237m/47m/97m
      POWER CAPACITY - 21,158,410.1 (standard power) 5,076,035.6 (Aux power)
      POWER REGEN - 1,943,931.9 e/sec (standard power) 301,958.3 e/sec (Aux power)
      THRUST - 30,463.1 (1.0 TMR)
      SHIELD CAPACITY - 2,400,043
      SHIELD REGEN - 28.039 s/sec
      WEAPONS - Ionic beam bank (891121 [x4 pulses] d/shot 100% Beam) Twin Ion cannons (104000x2 d/shot 100% Beam)
      DEFENCES - Shields, Gen2 armour plating, Ion hardening passive (60%), Pierce polarization passive (22%)
      JUMP DRIVE - Yes
      CHAIN DRIVE - Yes

      STRUCTURE HP - 9,377,425
      ARMOUR HP - 7,303,775

      OTHER FEATURES - Two USD Airlocks

    Recent Reviews

    1. WildRage64
      Version: V1.0
      Pretty nice!! Honestly the shell is what gets me the most, prolly my favourite out of all of the Trident ships. I think I'll retrofit her when I'm finished with the Eris.