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    Star Corps Shipyard

    Discussion in 'Shipyard' started by BoomMicGuy, Nov 6, 2018.


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    1. BoomMicGuy

      Nov 19, 2013
      Brief Description:
      The shipyard focuses on Ship Construction and Maintenance to allied factions. Our main goal is to supply Allied Members with basic Patrol, Defense, and Offensive craft. That are cost effective and can be modified easily to suit the needs of the faction. This shipyard does not discriminate on other players build styles and is generally designed to allow new players to join and learn about the game in a calm and nice environment.

      Star Corps Project to do list: (Looking for Builders)

      Refits and Maintenance
      1. Refit SCS-Panther Frigate - Missile Frigate
      2. Refit SCS-Crusader Assault Frigate - Beam Frigate
      3. Refit SCS-Bulldog Rail Frigate - Sniper Frigate
      4. Refit SCS-Remington Corvette - Cannon Corvette
      5. Refit SCS-Watcher Patrol Craft - Close Space Patrol
      6. Refit/Remake SCS-Kraken-V-Escort Carrier - Fleet Support Vessel
      7. Refit SCS-Infinity Siege Cruiser - Railgun/Nuke Cruiser
      8. Refit SCS-Vanguard Destroyer - Frontline Warship
      9. Refit SCS-Oldknight Cruiser- Frontline Warship
      10. Refit SCS-Ranger Skiff - Starting Ship
      11. Refit ASI_God_of_the_Core - Dreadnaught
      Construction Phase
      1. Construct Kraken-VI-Escort Carrier - Large Fleet Support Vessel
      Project Phase
      1. Project New Horizons - Frontline Battleship
      2. Project Grounded Spike - Interdictor Cruiser
      3. Project Medusa - Military Installation
      4. Project The Great Yard - Large Scale Shipyard
      5. Project Taking Inventory - Dockyard
      6. Project Secure Contain Cloak - Stash
      7. Project Crimson Dawn - Minelayer
      8. Project Nomad - Mothership
      9. Project Factorio - Refit StarCorp Hub into just a factory
      StarMade Allegiances:
      United Earth

      Current Roles:
      Overseer: BoomMicGuy
      Advisers: Zilvs
      Chief Engineers:
      R & D department:

      Contact Me:
      If you want to join and build some stuff:
      Pm me and/or leave a comment on this page

      Starmade Ship Examples:
      The SCS-StarPanther-Frigate
      https://starmadedock.net/content/scs-pa ... gate.7065/
      The SCS-OldKnight-Cruiser
      https://starmadedock.net/content/scs-ol ... mk-2.7076/
      The SCS-Vanguard-Destroyer
      https://starmadedock.net/content/scs-va ... oyer.7237/
      The SCS-Ranger-Skiff

      Starmade History:
      July, 2017
      -StarCorp starts on Ghost Gaming after going out of the single player recession
      -StarCorp meets the Atharian Sovereignty.
      -Atharian Sovereignty Attacks StarCorp during the night crippling StarCorp Combat Group "Gold"
      -StarCorp sends out recon teams to Atharian space in search of missing ships and finds they have been refitted for use in the Atharian Navy.
      -StarCorp attempts reason with the Atharian High Command.
      -StarCorp comes to an arrangement which benifits both sides and soon after the Vaygr arrive on Ghost Gamming
      -StarCorp and the Atharian Sovereignty Immediately start preparing and drawing battle lines in space.
      -The Sovereignty and StarCorp reach out to other server wide factions creating a Federation type wall of ships to defend against the upcoming Vaygr threat. (Torpedo research begins)
      -UEG, StarCorp, Atharian Sovereignty, and Catastrophic Experiment Forge the Atharian Alliance.
      -Vaygr never fought the alliance on ghost gaming and seemingly retreated, therefore the Atharian Alliance proclaimed victory
      -The war will be later called The Great War that Never Fired a Bullet
      August, 2017
      -StarCorp recesses and little work is done until the fall.
      October, 2017
      -Project restoration begins
      -Ships built during time period: SCS-Goldhunter, SCS-Infinity-SeigeCruiser, SCS-OldKnight-Cruiser, SCS-Remington-LightFrigate, SCS-Bulldog-SniperFrigate, and SCS-Kraken-V-EscortCarrier.
      November, 2017
      -Project StarPanther Begins
      -SCS-StarPanther-Frigate is complete and is StarCorps highest rated ship to date.
      -The Newly reformed StarCorp joins the Atharian Sovereignty on wolf pack.
      -BoomMicGuy gets several promotions for his actions in Spec-op operations on the enemy factions.
      -OldKnight Refit Begins
      -StarCorp begins on a new server Novus:Endeavour
      -BoomMicGuy becomes an Endeavour server builder
      -Construction on the Ranger-Skiff is completed
      -OldKnight Refit Completes
      April, 2018
      -Star Corps moves onto Skywanderers
      May, 2018
      - Star Corps joins New Human Empire on StarMade
      - Project Nomad Begins
      - Gold Fleet on Frontier is constructed
      - Vanguard Refit Completed
      - Star Corps scouts discover a battlefield fought between two unidentified factions both utilizing Standard Issue Star Corp Battle Cruisers and Assault frigates.
      June, 2018
      - Ahtarian Sovereignty Leaves StarMade
      - refitted old ASI miner.
      - Star Corps Abandons the Frontier server.
      October, 2018
      - Star Corps Forms alliance with United Earth.
      - Star Corps Updates Projects and to do list (Looking for Builders).
      - Star Corps opens internal contract work to United Earth and Salty Shit Hole Discords.
      January, 2019
      - Star Corps constructs a tiny fleet support vessel to combat missiles
      -Star Corps Refits Gold Hunter
      -Star Corps refits Sidewinder
      -StarCorps refits Hunter
      March, 2019
      - Kraken VI Fleet Carrier Construction Begins
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    2. BoomMicGuy

      Nov 19, 2013
    3. Thadius Faran

      Thadius Faran #1 Top Forum Poster & Raiben Jackpot Winner

      Oct 13, 2013
      I doubt 3 AMS turrets is enough to make much of a difference against heavy missile users or even moderate missile users tbh.
    4. BoomMicGuy

      Nov 19, 2013
      It was just a small ship to help me get back into starmade. It is also cheap.
    5. BoomMicGuy

      Nov 19, 2013