1. DeepspaceMechanic

      Powering/shielding docked entities: Test results about something undesirable(?)

      Had some questions about the details of how power/shields work with docked entities, and did some experimentation for the answers. Sharing the results for those still unaware of these details, as well as to suggest a change (which seems much-needed and straight-forward, at least to me). Have a...
    2. wanzer

      reintroduction power snakes

      so now the distance between the reactor and the stabilizer is no longer thing a power supply boils down to slapping component a and component b together without any form of thinking id love to see the power lines back in action for those that like to nity grity optimize the power output and...
    3. The Mjrlun

      Upkeep and Ammo Systems, StarMade-ified

      Disclaimer This idea is prone to starting large controversy, so if you want to leave a comment, please be a decent human being and instead of tearing the thing down, leave ways that the system could be improved if it were going to be implemented in the first place! Introduction/Basic Premise...
    4. Kraengis

      SFRU 150PK 2018-08-28

      This is a kit that include everything you need to build a power system on a outpost or medium sized ship. It has a kinda industrial, SFRU style (a faction I'm building). The kit include : - 1 tokamak with 4 plasma colors variations (151000 e/s) - 8 chambers structures (for each kind...
    5. DeepspaceMechanic

      [Resolved] Missing chunks & dual reactors

      I recently revisited a very ambitious, large warship project of mine (CC page: https://starmadedock.net/content/sobek-dreadnought-1st-edition-shell-with-engine-rotation-functions.7455/), and encountered a kinda worrisome issue. A chunk disappeared after a log out/log in, permanently... Nothing...
    6. MacThule

      Universal Self-Contained Reactors

      I made a cute little self-contained L11 reactor template that I've ended up using for several ad-hoc test stations (mostly target platforms). I just polished it up a bit to make it even easier to configure the chamber section, and it came out pretty nicely so I wanted to try and build some...
    7. TenZen9

      How to generate more power?

      I'm not sure if i'm just bad at the game or it's hard coded but i feel like there's an e/sec limit I have spent all day trying to find out how to generate more than 4000 e/sec but i just can't do it. has anyone surpassed this number? Also stabilization is not the answer i'm looking for i know it...
    8. MacThule

      Suggestion Community Content Categories for 2.0

      So when you look at ships right now, there are subcategories for "PvP, Roleplay, Shells." Considering the changes, could we get some kind of categories for "Power 1.0, Power 2.0" or some other way to search only for ships functional under new power?
    9. B

      Structural Integrity??? How does that work?

      I've started to play a lot more with creative inventory to test out all of these different factors that go into making a ship. And by far the one that has me the most puzzled is structural integrity. I've looked for help on the wiki but it seems outdated on that topic. Can someone at least begin...
    10. B

      Shields and Power, What the heck?

      I've been playing for 3 days now and I 'm having trouble finding consistency as to how these two things work. (Along with a few other things) Here are a few questions I have: When I add too many Shield Capacitors and Rechargers to a ship, the integrity of the entire ship reduces dramatically as...
    11. NovaInvictus

      List of All Ship Reactors, and Their Functions

      Hello, I would like to understand better, the type of ship reactors that exist, and their purposes
    12. R

      Dawn(old power) {PLZ HELP} v2

      I can build new ships w/ power 2.0 but I mess up every time I try to convert from old to new. Please covert this ship to power 2.0 and message back.
    13. WalkerGain

      v0.200.334 Bonus Stabilization Mechanics

      Does anybody really understand the way these new dimensional bonuses work? I've been playing around stabilizing my ship, and I'm confused as hell. The update notes provided on Steam and nowhere else state: "To calculate the bonus of 1 of the 6 sides, we take the stabilizer group with the most...
    14. MrGrey1

      Devs Need to Review the V2 Objectives.

      Devs need to review the stated V2 objectives and tell us how that compares to the current reality of V2... either that or give me some of what you're smoking. It must be pretty far out stuff... I know they're busy digging holes so I'm going to review the stated V2 objectives from my...
    15. Energywelder

      Something I learned about the new power system

      In the newest piece of news they introduced these blocks which direct the new beam the reactor gives off to the stabilizer. These node blocks are very finnicky. If you have a chain of nodes meant to redirect the beam, they must be connect to both the node closer to the stabilizer and the node...
    16. Vegycales

      My spin on what power should be like

      I searched the forum and I couldn't find anything similar, however, I'm sorry if I am repeating someone else's idea. Imagine if only stations could hold power reactors and ships were only limited to power capacitors, and ships had to dock to replenish their capacitors I understand the change...
    17. Captain Fortius

      Nth idea for a better power update

      Starmade Power System Redesign 01. Foreword: This one's no less wordy than the usual rants that tend to sprout like mushrooms around here, and quite franky, I'm losing my patience for them, same as you do. So I provided some TLDR for the major points in picture format for ease of...
    18. Jojomo

      Conduits between reactors and stabilisers

      The new power system requires conduits between reactors and chambers, but only a build link between reactors and stabilisers. Requiring conduits between reactors and stabilisers as well (or an equivalent type block if not the exact same conduits) would achieve three things: There would be no...
    19. FlyingDebris

      Literally just invert the stabilizer distances.

      Title says it all gentlemen, instead of having the "stabilizers" off on the other end of your ship, we can preserve continuity of the vessel and have the power make some sort of sense to players by having the things that are supposed to be stabilizing the reactor well, right up against the...
    20. Ashes152

      Power Dev Build

      Nothing on the Devs, please have mercy, but sitting in anticipation of a huge update as of this when almost 2 weeks ago you were showing it to us working, and trying to think of how to change my ships' build is painful. I understand that coding and developing this game takes time and so do the...