1. crazyf22raptor

      A suggestion to revamp mining

      Starmade Mining: We all know it well, the traditional 8-12 block waffle board pattern design we all have on a huge box ship docked to one of our stations in the server you play on. Its not the best of things is it, its laggy, generally makes your ship look awful over performance, and worst of...
    2. J

      ScalarMining 1.2

      ScalarMining Ever wanted going above 8 salvagers to mean something? Well now it can! The more salvagers you have, the bigger the radius is. This is with a single 4000 module beam: , Bugs Rarely creates ghost blocks Salvage Radius Formula The salvage radius formula is hard capped at a radius of...
    3. Permify

      AFK miner 0.5

      Cheap, easy to build/buy and use. Storage: ~107k * 2 = ~214k Mining diameter : ~108m Mass: >854.2 Weapons: none I didn't add any design to it because it can be improved significantly later.
    4. MaartenAll

      Salvage Module v 1.0

      A very long time ago, long before they were as we know them today, Salvage Modules were enormous, savage ships with a length of 100 m and a salvage array of over 2000 individual beams. They took orders from no Salvage Computer, but instead ventured out in packs to strip away asteroid belts for...
    5. JinM

      Starter Exploration Vessel "SLV Denuvo" (Completed Regular Version) 1.03.00

      This exploration and mining vessel is set up in a way that new pilots unfamilliar with the vessel find their way easily. Two display modules explain all 5 buttons, but the ship works totally fine, if you don't read anything. :) It has alot of features and if I add more the maintenance area will...
    6. JinM

      Starter Exploration And Mining Vessel (Second Version) v 1.0.00

      This is the old version, I only keep it for people to see the changes that got made via looking at the screenshots. The newest and most exensively detailed version is here: This small vessel...
    7. MaartenAll

      Hulk-Class Exhumer v 1.0

      Serving as one of the most efficiënt and affordable mining ships in New Eden, the Hulk-class Exhumer was designed by the Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) as a more advanced version of the Venture mining frigate. The ship is made 1:1 scale (180m) and equiped with 50.000 salvage modules spread over 2...
    8. AngelusKutona

      W.E.C - "Sampler" - S-Type Exploration Collector 2019-09-01

      The Sampler - Wexian Engineering Corporation has developed a new entry into the Primus series for the adventurous! The Sampler is a small sized vessel designed for short-distance exploration and small quantity resource gathering for research and intelligence. The design came as an expansion...
    9. The Boiling Tea-pot

      Horus cargo hauler 2019-08-24

      This ship.... Originally made in the Blackheart server. Its a small cargo hauler named Horus or thats what it says. It was made in a time of struggle and desperation so i made the best thing i coud. Equipped: with mining beams and a cannon. It also has 1 turret on the bottom and 4 extra slots on...
    10. MrGrey1

      MRGS Long Haul Carrier 190516

      MrGrey1's Shipyard proudly presents the Long Haul Carrier. In production for almost a year, the carrier is the current pinnacle of my mining fleet and supports 20 Mining Drones, 2 Support ships and a large Heavy Miner. With more then 11 Million cargo capacity on the carrier alone this fleet...
    11. IchSehDich3000

      Duran Bergbau Trawler 2019-02-22

      "Duran" Bergbau-Trawler Wir stellen Ihnen unser neustes Bergbauschiff vor. Er ist mit 190m Länge ein wahrer Gigant. Die Bezeichnung "Trawler" ist überaus passend. Dieses Schiff ist für groß angelegte Bergbau-Operationen entworfen worden. Er enthält ein ausgeklügeltes Lebenserhaltungssystem...
    12. MacThule

      Add value to adding value

      Please factor Value Added into the NPC market pricing structure. Why? Lack of added value in pricing doesn't just cripple trade, it cripples factions (and thus MP play in general). Consider these two examples: John has cobbled together a small miner. He asks if any factions need miners, but...
    13. Omega563

      Worker Drone 1.0

      Worker Drone - Omega Space Corp - Description The small size of these utility drones makes them ideal for station maintenance, their low profile has also seen many ships adopting them. Offensive Weapons On-board Mining Laser SC Defensive Weapons None Images Stats Blocks: 173 Mass Without...
    14. E

      Day One - Starter Ship 2018-10-09

      Pavlov Corp. Presents. Starter Ship "Day One" A cheap and simple way to eat the universe ! (When you want to run, you just have to do the first step bro')) Discover our products ! Compact design A simple 17x11x25 meters starter...
    15. jstenholt

      Hanoi_Class_Mining_Frigate 2018-09-19

      A medium sized mining frigate with absolutely no armament, a full, but modest interior, and a serviceable cargo bay. Works great as a fleet miner and it's constructed almost entirely with early-game materiel.
    16. Lone_Puppy

      Traders C160-2 (Prototype) 2

      After the v0.201.126 update, I noticed the only power 2.0 ship updates were the Isanths. So I thought I'd try my hand at building a power 2.0 ship for the Traders. I thought it would also serve as a useful experiment with adding to the Traders NPC ships in the server. And seeing my ship flying...
    17. Kraengis

      UENSA Hefay 2018-08-02

      RP and functional ship (but it may not be very efficient for it's size) with a lot of automatics systems and data display. It's salvager "turret" doesn't have a very big spread but a nice piercing capabilities (mining wise), that "turret" can be moved throught an inner ship remote to increase...
    18. EricBlank

      Acid Model for Salvage Beams

      Something i thought would be a huge improvement to designing salvage/mining vessels is applying the acid damage model to salvage beams, so they harvest not just the block theyre pointed at but the blocks around it. Then we dont need to use a waffleboard pattern to make sure we're mining...
    19. Tolnorus

      G302 Mining Sled Mk1

      This is a very basic miner. The primary purpose is for it to be immediately available to anyone with the starting materials as granted for the given version. The 900 output Reactor has a chamber size of 1, so the starting Mobility Chambers are all used and configured for maximum features and...
    20. MacThule

      Fleet Miners

      It's nice to have fleet miners back to working at least somewhat decently again. Very glad of it - much carpal tunnel syndrome shall be avoided. Couple items for thought and discussion along with suggestions: Aim & Fire They still love to aim at single blocks on the edge of the asteroid and...