Starter Exploration Vessel "SLV Denuvo" (Completed Regular  Version)

    Starter Exploration Vessel "SLV Denuvo" (Completed Regular Version) 1.03.00

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    This exploration and mining vessel is set up in a way that new pilots unfamilliar with the vessel find their way easily. Two display modules explain all 5 buttons, but the ship works totally fine, if you don't read anything. :)

    It has alot of features and if I add more the maintenance area will be filled up with logic.

    Stats: 15x19x29 meter. Full Jumpdrive-Setup (auto+multicharge), 8x9m long salvage array=71 modules, maximum speed thrust, enough power for all systems.

    Action features:
    1. Rail elevator allowing to move cargo between bridge, maintenance level and below ship belly area.
    2. Landing gear (only plexdoors, but nontheless we got some :D)
    3. Lights inside the 3 rooms of the bridge level can be toggled on and off
    4. Exteriour lights and engines can be turned off by pressing the button attached to the pilots chair control gear.
    5. In total 3 rail dockers allow you to park the ship either to sideways airlocks via USD, or onto a platform. (Docked to a platform the landing gear extends automatically.)
    6. All mentioned logic features are accessible and controlable from the bridge with buttons right next to the pilots chair. All nicely labelled.
    Plans: Maybe, I will do some further minor improvements in this build, but overall I will not put in more additions. It's completely furnished and the systems are working fine for the minig and jumping job.

    Grey only version: I have made two versions before to document the build progress. Link to the economic light version: - Works very well if you just spawned on a server. It only needs 10 different block types, and is made only from grey basic armour. It's afordable right at the start, just sell your mobility chambers and you have enough money for the grey basic armour.

    This small vessel has two levels: Operation plus living deck, and maintenance level. The maintenance level has quite some room left to modify the ship to your needs, e.g. put in more system blocks like cargo, power, additional chambers...

    Roleplay features:

    • USD entrances
    • room lights can be toggled on and off for the three rooms on the operation level individually, and or the maintenance level.
    • beds with reading lights, office table with computer screen, lounge area with either orange color atmosphere or bright overhead lights, cool navigators chair (my own design, no steal)
    • ore analyzer or 3D-printer (in front of the lounge)
    • reactor plasma analyzer or controller (in front of the restroom)
    • exteriour of the ship is completely lit up by lights, even in complete darkness you can see the ship in all its details
    • some small plex doors on the exteriour hide away additional maintenance electronics
    • mining gear uses pipes leading into the ships belly, where a rock storage gets drained by a processing plant, which leads onto a conveyor belt ending up at the cargo area
    • space toilet
    • server room with all the logic
    • stabiliser control computer

    This is nearly the same ship as my economic light starter vessel, only the cost is roughly 5 times higher due to it having more details, colored parts and improved additional lightning. :) Also the reactor is 5 times bigger, full jump drive setup and a mining gear got attached.

    Link to the economic light version: - Works very well if you just spawned on a server. It's afordable right at the start, just sell your mobility chambers and you have enough money for the grey basic armour.

    Link to the second version: - I keep the second version only for people so people see the step in between I took to make the ship.




    The belly of the ship with extended elevator and landing gears. Booth can be retracted from the cockpits controls.

    View from the staircase towards the bridge, in front of the picture you see the elevator.

    I can turn all the lights off and get a different atmosphere. Also take note that the restroom to the right and the lounge to the left are seperated by plex doors. In this picture the doors are open, in the upper one they are closed.

    The restroom to the left with bunk beds, office table. To the right you see the staircase to the lower level and one walkway to an airlock exit.

    Bridge buttons all nicely labbeled. None of the light switches work if you turn off the main power via the button on the pilots chair.

    Turning off the power or using the "turn exteriour lights and engine off" actually makes the ship quite dark. This feature is suppposed to give the ship a "turned off for parking mode" setting. You can either turn the whole ship "off" with the main power button on the pilots chair, or just turn off all exteriour lights including thruster plumes. Personally I prefer last option, but comeon: A main power switch is nice to have. :)
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