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    A very long time ago, long before they were as we know them today, Salvage Modules were enormous, savage ships with a length of 100 m and a salvage array of over 2000 individual beams. They took orders from no Salvage Computer, but instead ventured out in packs to strip away asteroid belts for food, protecting themselves with very developed cloaking technology and defensive beam weaponry. But then the great wars broke out, and the Salvage Modules were forced into exile. To make matters worse, hunters started to capture their childeren and slave them to powerful computers that made them fire their salvage beam whenever the master demanded it. A practise that is still not looked down upon today...

    All of this led to the fact that today the numbers of the ancient Salvage Modules are scarce, but there is hope. With the use of this blueprint you can blow new life into the threatened population and equip yourself with a powerful harvesting machine in the proces.

    Do the right thing and save the Ancient Salvage Modules today!
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    I love how you're ensuring that this critically endangered species does not fall to extinction like so many before it. Thank you for giving these poor salvage modules the light of hope in this dark, savage time.