W.E.C - "Sampler" - S-Type Exploration Collector

    W.E.C - "Sampler" - S-Type Exploration Collector 2019-09-01

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    The Sampler -
    Wexian Engineering Corporation has developed a new entry into the Primus series for the adventurous!

    The Sampler is a small sized vessel designed for short-distance exploration and small quantity resource gathering for research and intelligence. The design came as an expansion to the Toil worker drone to increase aptitude in early development and knowledge of the system.

    Specifications -
    Height - 5m
    Length - 10m
    Width - 11m
    Blocks - 320
    Mass - 24.4

    Power -
    Reactor Lvl - 1
    Reactor Size - 14
    Recharge (e/sec) - 1,400
    Chambers - FTL - Jump Drive Base

    Shields -
    Capacity - 1,250
    Recharge (hp/sec) - 125
    Upkeep (hp/sec) - 25
    Radius - 34m
    Resting Consumption (e/sec) - 50
    Charging Consumption (e/sec) - 100

    Thrusters -
    Thrust - 93.3
    Thrust/Mass Ratio - 2.5
    Consumption (e/sec) - 72.0

    Extra Details -
    5x Salvage Group Outputs (7 Salvage Modules / Group)
    Salvage Output Camera (To accurately harvest resources)
    2,100 Storage Capacity (Storage on Floor infront of Core)
    Faction Module
    Jump Drive Capabilities (Single Jump, Manual Charge)
    1x Docking Module (Underneath Ship with landing "sliders" for undocked landing capability)
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    Latest reviews

    This is a very good looking mining drone, but it probably won't be usable for anything else, since it would be easily eaten alive by a pirate Isanth. For that reason I would probably replace that mining cam with a Bobby AI.
    Nice model tho.