Starter Exploration And Mining Vessel (Second Version)

    Starter Exploration And Mining Vessel (Second Version) v 1.0.00

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    This is the old version, I only keep it for people to see the changes that got made via looking at the screenshots. The newest and most exensively detailed version is here:

    This small vessel sports a small mining gear and an autocharge and multicharge ftl setup. It has two levels: Operation and living deck, and maintenance level. The maintenance level has quite some room left to modify the ship to your needs, e.g. put in more system blocks like cargo, power, additional chambers...

    Roleplay features:
    • USD entrances
    • room lights can be toggled on and off for the three rooms on the operation level individually
    • beds, office table, lounge area, cool navigators chair
    • ore analyzer or 3D-printer (in front of the lounge)
    • reactor plasma analyzer or controller (in front of the restroom)
    • exteriour of the ship is completely lit up by lights, even in complete darkness you can see the ship in all its details
    • some small plex doors on the exteriour hide away additional maintenance electronics

    This is nearly the same ship as my economic light starter vessel, only the cost is roughly 5 times higher due to it having more details, colored parts and improved additional lightning. :) Also the reactor is 5 times bigger, full jump drive setup and a mining gear got attached.

    Link to the economic light version:

    It's not really well balanced when it comes to the power consumption, but I will work on this to further enhance it.


    You see the main room, and in this picture I turned the white ceiling light above the lounge table off, thus giving it an warm atmosphere for leisure.

    A navigators chair worthy for an experienced captain!


    The buttons in the top corner let you turn off the lights of the respective room parts.

    If you look closely, you will notice that the room parts of the lounge and the restroom can be sealed off by plex doors.

    If you turn off the lights it looks even better.
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