1. I

      Are there any Populated servers?

      Hello, I used to play starmade a few years ago and decided I wanted to come back and see the new content. However the most populated server I can find has 5 people in it. Is the game's community dying? or are the populated servers whitelist only or something. Thanks
    2. M

      This community is dying. WE NEED TO ADRESS THIS.

      Now, listen Starmade devs, you have NOT abandoned your game in any way shape or form. You have been focusing on DEVELOPING this game. now, it may be time to take a pause and look at the tiny amount of servers. At any point in time can the owner of these servers stop being interested in the...
    3. Code North

      The Pinnacle of Roleplay

      *personal opinion* *tldr @ bottom* Looking at the current state of the game, i came to a conclusion: The current version is the optimal setup for the roleplay community I know, i know, hear me out first. The current Starmade gameplay essentially consists of building a pretty ship and...
    4. MacThule

      Ask Community for In-Game Text

      Schine can save some time (i.e. $) heading into the Galaxy Update series by soliciting community contributions for in-game warnings, notices, labels, item descriptions, tool-tips, and other text. You just need a sticky thread asking for it, or open a project for it in Phabricator. Or both...
    5. MacThule

      Marketing Post Galaxy

      We have been given to understand that Schine has (deliberately) never yet used any of the free advertising and marketing options long available to them through Steam. I think that once a stable Galaxy reboot has been pushed to release and patched, it might be a good time to tap the least of...
    6. elantzb

      Where is everyone?

      Hey folks, I took a break from SM to wait for Power 2.0, now I'm here and I can't find up-to-date information on *any* of the wikis/sites (even 3rd-party ones, searches for "chamber" bring up nothing). Luckily one or two thoughtful community members have made some contributions to my...
    7. Jake_Lancia

      StarMade Community Trading Card Game

      The StarMade Community TCG is a card game created by me and Plaz, similar to such popular TCGs as YuGiOh and Pokemon cards but featuring StarMade ships and stations. It is a heavy WIP, and will require balancing once enough cards are ready for a match of the game. Resources for building the...
    8. Thingie

      Something Nice

      Firstly I would like to explain something. My first post is nothing new everything I stated had already been stated and proved by MANY members before, most points before i was even on the Docks. All i did was compile it into one post in agreeance as a way to say things need to change and we...
    9. T

      StarMade Discord

      Has died. GG Centauri or rednexela may have a discord for ya
    10. spaceEngineer

      The worst bugs

      Hello all this isn't really going to be a suggestion but rather a collection of them. I want to put together a list of the bugs currently in the game that are happening to the most people to the most degree. This way the devs know which bugs need fixing first from a players standpoint. To be...
    11. Slimsta

      HorizonRP | Starmade Roleplay | Factions

      HorizonRP Roleplay Faction Server _______________________________________ ____ HorizonRP is a serious roleplaying community based around Starmade. The server will be whitelisted to ensure the most serious, enjoyable and friendly players are enabled to play on the server...
    12. G

      Automatic Mining for Drones and automatic ship production

      Hey there ! Do you remeber Star Wars ? Or Star Trek ? Those Movies/Comics/Books and Series where the different Faction mass produced all kinds of Ships? Yeah you heard right, i just said mass production. Many players think its a bad idea, because players could spam servers full with it. But...
    13. Raiben

      Ship of the month (monthly community build)

      Hey guys, so, due to popular request, we're launching the "ship of the month" competition, anyone can join, and it should be a lot of fun! Details below: First months ship will be the Thor frame, it's a base frame for all of you to build off of, and I hope you like it: Ship of the Month...
    14. Napther

      Shipyards able to Sync with the Community Content

      ...So this came up in the random ramblings of chat, likely hard if not impossible, but, what if accessing the shipyard gave you the option of taking ships straight off the CC to display in the shipyard as a design? I'm aware of the Sment format things are in on the CC, and the fact that the...
    15. Saber

      Community Screenshots for Steam Store Page

      Hey there Citizens, We've been keeping an eye on all the great content you've been creating over the past year, and we've decided that we want to show it off to the world! In order to do that we're going to be updating our Steam Store Page with screenshots that you the players have taken! This...
    16. Dannage

      Suggestion Shipyard Data Icons

      Sorry if this is actually posted somewhere, but I've looked around and not found it and been in chat (Mainly asking where I should post this request!) and not seen anything. I have skim-read Bench's thread about his shipyards idea, and I like the idea of having a community standard system of...
    17. timtee

      Something random

      I know allot of people actually are really good artists in making a starmade skin, But, I haven't seen anyone make any skins that are related to anime characters and one character that would be interesting to see the community make would be: Akame Ga Kill or Akame La Kill, Something like that...
    18. Centauri

      Sol Remembrance Community

      Welcome To Sol Remembrance! With a dedicated administration, growing playerbase, you can expect great things when joining us! - Administration - Owner: Centauri Head Admin: Jack_Roberts(SpartanB145) Head Website Developer: Centauri Moderator: Remoblue Build team: 1: Centauri 2...
    19. Sgtwisky

      Suggestion Community Content: Videos

      Would it be possible to add a section to the community content for Starmade related videos? I swear there used to be a sub forum for videos. If there is/was I can't find it. In the "Video" section, you of course wouldn't "Upload" the video to the starmade dock. Rather you would link to a...
    20. mindlord0013

      mindlord0013's (unoffical) Minor Faction Competition

      Introduction If you're anything like me, you probably have your own roleplaying faction. It's entirely likely that faction has it's own design aesthetic, lore that you've thought of, and you might have even have an opposing faction for them. In the future, the devs are going to put procedurally...