This community is dying. WE NEED TO ADRESS THIS.

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    1. MinerMario2

      May 6, 2018
      Now, listen Starmade devs, you have NOT abandoned your game in any way shape or form. You have been focusing on DEVELOPING this game. now, it may be time to take a pause and look at the tiny amount of servers.

      At any point in time can the owner of these servers stop being interested in the game due to lack of people, and a LOT of work into this game, and if you want this to pay off, you need more players, means more money for you, and overall, a more happy community. I think starmade doesent have little kids as a community, more of 18+,

      but who knows, maybe the 13 year old making this post asked his dad for this game around 2 years ago. this game was amazing, and the servers were AMAZING. lots of people to make enemies and friends, fight together, or against. Adress this issue, PLEASE.

      TEMPORARILY make this game FREE TO PLAY, kids usually browse there for something to do.

      ADVRETISE. I have no idea wether or not you have enough money for these sorts of things, but if you do, ADVRETISE.

      on rust you may see a lot of official servers that have tons of players in them, lots more than the community ones.

      the community, everyone, likes to have their favorite developers respond and adress and issue in their game. I havent done enough research to know if you have alrready done this, but if you havent been keeping up to date with this stuff, try to more often.

      Thanks, Miner Mario
    2. Tsnonak

      Dec 14, 2014
      This issue has already been Adressed, Schine is aware of the current state of affairs and has stated they are/were happy with the amount of players from the initial "Alpha" release.

      You seem to be missing some Infos...

      1. StarMade is still free to play

      2. It is a known fact they have been holding back with Advertising until the game is in a better "state" and will when they are ready.

      3. there are 2 "official" servers + 1 for streams StarMade-Servers.

      4. Schine does interact with the community directly on Discord

      Rest assured, things are moving along slowly, but they are moving forward...

      P.S. It may currently seem like daedgaem, but it is not a"dead game".

      See you in Space! ;)
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    3. JinM

      Jun 11, 2016
      There are not alot of Shine members interacting in the forums, they all use the Discord chat.

      On the one hand team Shine doesn't like if people talk rude on the forums - and ultimately left it in favour of discord, on the other hand they didn't had the guts to moderate them in a strict way.
    4. happahappa

      Jun 19, 2016
      "Everything is fine. Just as planned. You only got the wrong impression." .... right :D :D :D

      On the official servers, that's were all the adventures are happening, because admins are really invested and excited about doing stuff there.

      Oh, on discord, you couldn't imagine how passionate Schema and his Schine Minions are engaged in discussion about StarMade. You can really feel how they are reaching out to the community and are working hard to make Starmade great again.

      Forums are just so old school. And some people were rude for really unknown reasons, so some devs ran away to discord, the new happy place, where they won't shut up.

      Development may be slow. But only because they develop so carefully. That's why all the past major updates had such high quality.

      It isn't really a dead game, there is still the the three of us, who are true believers to the end. "3" is a good number as community size. Schema is completely aware of this. He wants it to be this way. It's better for alpha testing, because it's like friendship, quality over quantity.

      (Sorry, but this really required a sarcastic commentary)
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    5. Captain Fortius

      Aug 10, 2013
      To be serious for a moment though,

      Low player numbers are due to the game not being very fun to play right now.

      Goodness, just try to use cannons...

      Or have a go at killing a ship with this core-drilling 2.0 system; Even SysHP made more sense than exclusively shooting the reactor apart.

      Or watch in dismay as the nonsensical "reactor stabilizers" take up the room you wanted to use for something else. They don't do anything, they are just an arbitrary requirement to be fulfilled!

      Or realize the ""chamber"" (ptoooey! Just call them modules! They are not rooms!) system works on fixed percentages, and there's only so many effects you can add to your ship; Maybe the maximum number of supported modules could be a dynamic amount, dependant on the relation between your ship's and reactor's mass.
      Yes, you could build two separate reactors with different modules, and switch over to the one you need, but that'll give your ship exactly half the power it'd actually need to function.

      Maybe take twice as much time adding shields to your ship because now you need to keep them grouped.

      And even if you look past all these and other problems, and invest your time in playing on a server, it just gets wiped in a few weeks because the game is unstable and performance is dropping.

      -Apart from that last issue, my list could be comfortably fixed in a week, yet the team would rather focus on convoluted and useless stuff.

      Example; NPC update! NPC factions and fleets for the game!
      -Effect 1; Asteroids are eaten up everywhere.
      -Effect 2;
      Full throttle, Jerry! Don't mind the lag!
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    6. OfficialCoding

      OfficialCoding Currently Fleet Building

      Nov 8, 2017
      Yeah I know. The Universe Update will hopefully address a lot of gameplay issues. Hopefully that will bring a lot of players back or draw in new players, and when Schine believes the time is right they will stat advertising this game. However they don't want to bring players into an unstable game and then have them all rage quit.
    7. Crashmaster

      Crashmaster I got N64 problems but a bitch ain't one

      Oct 18, 2013
      "The 'X' update will bring players back." What has this opinion ever been based on? I'm here trying to remember a previous update that brought in players who stayed as opposed to driving players away.
    8. BDLS

      Mar 30, 2013
      Don't worry starfrens, the game will have tens of thousands of players once it's in beta! It's alpha, you retards! Just a testing phase! Soon!

      In actuality, multiplayer could be popping if Schine supported community drafted vanilla configs, despite all the bugs.
    9. JinM

      Jun 11, 2016
      Yeah if they supported it correctly it would work. For example with giving (maintaining after getting suggestions from player made configs) like 4 different main configs, one for pvp one for lets say...creative, one for pvp version 2 and a 4th one idk.
    10. Ithirahad

      Ithirahad Arana'Aethi

      Nov 14, 2013
      I'm sure they have already. However, there's really no magic wand they can wave to address this. Likely the best thing for them to do is finish "DEVELOPING" (with community input, hopefully) the core gameplay, polishing some things up, and then start looking more at community outreach and the like once the game itself is less unstable, incomplete, and... to be quite frank... hostile to prospective players in several respects.
      It already is, though they could perhaps make that a bit clearer. IDK.
      Advertising the product in its current state is... not advisable. Better to get the universe overhaul/AI revamp/etc. done, polish things up, then start advertising in a year or two, when they can be a bit more confident that most of the players they bring in won't just immediately leave the game.
      That's a can of worms that I can understand why they don't want to get into. Moderating and managing the potential mess that is a major official StarMade server is not and should not be their priority right now.
      For better or worse, most meaningful two-way communication with the community (not only since the Discord was deployed, but pretty much ever) has occurred on the StarMade Discord. With it being so central as both a hub for what active community SM has left and as the primary medium for communication between us and Schema/Saber/Kupu, it should probably be more prominently featured on this site, but eh...

      Also, to others here: Say what you will about the move, the Discord format has generated some of the most productive discussions and exchanges between the playerbase and Schine that I've yet seen. Even the bug reporting process seems to be more efficiently run informally via Discord support channel and DM's than formally via Phabricator.

      Maybe the galaxy update? Either way, a large fraction of past major updates (fleet, NPC, even to some extent power...) have largely been half-hearted window dressing and some random small game features on top of technical changes that are needed for future development and don't really help gameplay much as they are. The NPC and fleet updates would have brought players back had they been packaged with release-quality front-end behaviors, gameplay tech, and assets, but as it turns out that wasn't feasible because that would've required an AI rewrite and several other things, which would've required new systems to already have been implemented, which would've required the months of underlying work for that to have been done... etc. So, instead, as usual, what we got was the NPC faction framework and the fleet framework that are sufficient for them to move on with development that requires those things to be functional, but a buggy and not-particularly-useful set of physical features we as players can work with. The universe update is supposed to include more fleshed-out player-facing features along with several changes and features that are desperately needed to slow down player attrition (factory/industry revamp and faction/empire building being the major ones), but we'll see. If it does, it should give player retention something of a boost.

      Development is slow because... well, development (especially with just one person) takes time, and the updates are 'low-quality' for reasons more or less explained above. I don't know what you're expecting w/r/t/ dev communication; they obviously can't spend all that much time on Discord or the forums and regardless player/dev communication post-Discord has gone from almost nil to... surprisingly decent, actually. The game is certainly more or less 'dead' as far as player population goes; Schine is indeed aware of this, and while obviously not great, it's kind of inevitable. Large official servers would be a massive can of worms that I can definitely understand why they would not want to open.

      Don't get me wrong, Schine (and for that matter the moderation staff) have done some things that are pointless at best and laughable at worst, but y'all are picking strange targets.
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    11. OfficialCoding

      OfficialCoding Currently Fleet Building

      Nov 8, 2017
      That about sums it up.