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    Cyberspace Shipyards proudly presents the Zircon-class Asteroid Miner of the bestest mining ships that credits can buy!

    • Two 640-output salvage systems, one manual and one logic-automated (8 modules per output; 5120 modules per system)
    • A 1500-module tractor beam system
    • An onboard storage tank of 350K capacity; the mining systems fill only this tank by default, but if you turn on "Storage pull" (on the storage block below the core) then everything will be automatically transferred to the 210K removable container atop.
    • Four FTL chambers adding up to an advanced jumpdrive for convenient long-distance travel
    • A level-2 "Mining Bonus" logistics chamber (gives a much higher ore and shard yield)
    • Stealth chambers allowing for temporary jamming and cloaking
    • 3.7 thrust-mass ratio; 400 m/s top speed (in game version 0.202.87)
    • 3,185,000 shield capacity; 6K net recharge (in game version 0.202.87)
    The ship features two equally sized mining systems, the outputs of which are arranged in an interlaced/chessboard pattern. One mining system is meant to be used manually (continuously clicking on its computer on the hotbar) while the other is logic-automated (can be toggled on/off via a hotbar remote). Having the automatic mining system active too while using the manual one (to double your block eating rate) will result in a 114% reactor load upon thrusting. This is no reason for worry, since there's no need for long bursts of thrust when mining.

    When the jumpdrive auto-charges, thrusting at the same time will produce 105% reactor load. This again is no problem, because with a mere 5% overload rate, the ship could continuously accelerate, zero-to-topspeed and then back to zero TWICE, before a temporary power outage would occur. Just don't have the throttle pushed to the floor all the time, and all should be fine.

    Cargo transfer of onboard storage can be achieved through either of the two USD airlocks' docker block. Alternatively, you can fill the docked cargo pod atop, and detach and leave it at your homebase, possibly setting up some automatics that can conveniently replace the filled pod with empty ones.
    • Hotbar-controlled engine lighting
    • Hotbar-controlled docking prevention
    • Hotbar-controlled cargo container detachment
    • A huge multi-axle grinding system to prepare all that asteroid rock for the mining lasers (or "ore vacuums", as I like to call them)
    • A stylish and cozy interior with everything you need in order to survive in the unforgiving hostility of outer space (such as air conditioning, coffee and jazz music) ;)

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    Latest updates

    1. Modernized systems, plus an all-around touch-up

      Update focused on refitting systems to align with QuickFire balance in game version 0.202.87...
    2. MAJOR UPDATE: highly improved shields, power, chambers, mining system, thrust, and aesthetics

      After the Weapons Update, and the subsequent removal of the integrity mechanic, the possibility...
    3. Removed outdated blocks

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    Latest reviews

    very nice ^^
    Thanks! :)
    Love the look and feel of this ship and the functionality built into it, the use of rails on the cargo pod and the interior decoration. Definitely an A+ mining and roleplay build.
    Thanks very much for the review! Nice to know that people appreciate the look a feel of this ship, this convinces me that it was worth building it.

    Glad to hear that you also like the cargo pod railing and the interior design, I tried to put a lot of attention into them.

    Have fun with it! :)
    The part of me that has played Starmade for years wants to say how much I like this ship but the part of me that has worked with industrial granulators for years wants to tell you this design would never work. It sure does look neat though.
    I imagine so myself :D But it's still a tad more realistic than hoovering up vaporized rock with lasers, the radiation pressure of which (or the jets of gas it would produce on overheated surfaces) would instead blow away that stuff in reality - I mean, does StarMade even science?!

    Anyways, I'm glad you like it, thanks for the 5 stars! :)