mining ship

    1. DeepspaceMechanic

      Brimstone-L7 Advanced Salvager v1.2

      Cyberspace Shipyards proudly presents the Brimstone-L7 Advanced Salvager ...40% raw, utilitarian, industrial style; 60% cuteness! At only around 80m in length, this combined mineral miner and metal salvager isn't exactly one of those "one-clicker" monsters, but it certainly deserves the...
    2. Muffin_man17

      MC Badger Class Vessel v0.201.200g

      The End and New Beginnings The Miners Coalition have suffered many setbacks in their short time in space and many more in their long history. During the Coalitions initial foray into the stars they discovered large quantities of usable resources in the abundant asteroid belts surrounding their...
    3. DeepspaceMechanic

      Zircon-class Asteroid Miner v1.4

      Cyberspace Shipyards proudly presents the Zircon-class Asteroid Miner of the bestest mining ships that credits can buy!
    4. B

      Bloodgood's Shipyard: The Red Dwarf

      Howdy folks, So rather than resurrecting my old thread.. again.. going to try something a little different and have separate threads for active projects. Or shall we say semi-active as I'm not quite as full time and most of you all here but never the less I hope to actually finish my ships...
    5. DeepspaceMechanic

      SynoLith 'A' - Heavy asteroid miner v1

      Allow me to present one of the latest productions of Cyberspace Shipyards: SynoLith 'A', a heavy asteroid miner. I started building this ship because I wanted to experiment with a rail-animated mining grinder system you can see on its front. I finished it in 3 days. Make sure to check it out...
    6. Xskyth

      Bug Mining Drones Won't Move

      when i try to use mining drones the just sit there. i give the fleet order 'mine this sector' and the flip around and point at the asteroids but do not move. when i use 'carrier recall' they again flip around and point at their designated pickup point but do not move. even their thruster plumes...
    7. Crazy26

      E.S. Mercury 2017-07-27

      The E.S. (Experimental Spacecraft) Mercury is the first ship of the Venus class, a reinforced mining ship that can survive even in the harshest situatuions. Due to the ship's huge mass, it's top speed is 77,5km/h, however it's shield generators grant it enough time to charge it'a jump drive and...
    8. K

      Kuro - Mining Barge T6 2017-06-11

      This ship is uploaded as a form of backup as i tend to remake and delete ships far to often :) It's basically a mining ship with jump drives, hangar bay, living space and so on. Criticisms and ideas are welcome
    9. DeepspaceMechanic

      MAGMATRON - Heavy Planet Miner v1.4

      Allow me to introduce one of my latest and proudest creations, Magmatron PM-4720, a good old planetary mining monster. Note that I named this ship before knowing that there is a Transformers character with the same name (my name choice is explained in its core room). Have fun with it and...
    10. DeepspaceMechanic

      GYRUS VIRIDIS - Heavy Asteroid Miner v1.3

      Allow me to introduce Gyrus Viridis, a high-performance asteroid mining jellyfish. The main goal of this design was to have a mining ship with a very large front surface without having a very large total volume and mass. And although you can easily find shorter and thus more maneuverable...
    11. DeepspaceMechanic

      The Nucleus-class Light Salvager v1

      Allow me to introduce this Nucleus-class Light Salvager. Note that it is entirely based on a ship made by Jacemachine that appeared in one of his youtube productions, and can be considered an attempt to replicate about 75-80% of that ship's exterior characteristics. Although I didn't find it...
    12. DeepspaceMechanic


      Allow me to introduce Asteroid Scavenger, a Mark-II version of my first ship ever built in StarMade. Note that the name of this ship was chosen before there was a "Scavenger" NPC faction. Have fun with it and please share your opinion! :^D FEATURES: - Two salvage systems, each with a 3.1...
    13. W


      Imma call it Mk X because I've forgotten how many times I resaved it. This includes corrections made after my recording with Drakkart. This ship uses single-layer standard armor, a small shield, and a permanent radar jammer to ignore pirates while you mine. there is a little room in the back of...
    14. Orist501

      ONS - Dolos Class Mining Vessel v0.199.464

      This is a Retrofit of the Aries class Patrol Craft. As the Aries-class is meant to be a workhorse of my fleet, this is just one configuration of the vessel, that has been adapted to a secondary purpose. With that said, I have changed the exterior of the vessel, as well as added a salvaging lance...
    15. Green-Knight-44

      POREX_MINER_1-OHU (Mining) 2017-02-25

      This is the first in a soon-to-be series of various miners by the illustrious Porex Corporation. The POREX_MINER_1-OHU (Overhaul Update) is an upgraded version of my more rudimentary design of my very first mining ship the POREX_MINER_1. It remains consistent with my favoured (hallway...
    16. NuclearFun

      Serapis Corvette A1R4

      Hi! This is the mining ship Serapis. a medium sized asteroid eater while equipped with 3 turrets (2 light missile and 1 light beam) the best defensive action would be to run (50% Overdrive and 1.6 thrust/mass ration help a little bit with that, if that is not working there is still one...
    17. DeepspaceMechanic

      LEGULUS 1200 - The Asteroid Forager v1.2

      Hi there, my fellow mining ship enthusiasts! :^D Allow me to introduce Legulus 1200 - a high-performance asteroid miner that started out as a tribute-build for the Asteroid Update, but eventually took 7 weeks to complete. And although it serves its purpose excellently, I will never build an...
    18. Erth Paradine

      Read by Council Reward mining efficiency, not size

      Request: Reward design skills and build efficiency, not raw size. Currently: Generally speaking, the larger a ships mining array, the faster a player collects resources. Suggested Method: When mining, no consideration is apparently given to how "mining lasers" affect the entity itself. For...
    19. DeepspaceMechanic

      Messor N39 Planetary Harvester v1

      Hi, fellow citizens! :^D This is my first upload (and only my 4th serious ship ever). As its name suggests, it is a harvester meant to mine planets. As usual, I'm disappointed about how it turned out visually (I know, it's basically a big cylinder with a bridge reminiscent of an agricultural...