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    Zircon-class Asteroid Miner v1.3

    High performance | Stylish | Mining grinders | Robotic arms | Cargo pod | Full RP interior

    1. MAJOR UPDATE: highly improved shields, power, chambers, mining system, thrust, and aesthetics

      After the Weapons Update, and the subsequent removal of the integrity mechanic, the possibility arose to overhaul every system of this apparently quite popular mining ship. Systems were so significantly improved as if it wasn't the same ship. One of the two mining systems were removed (since they became continuous-fire and logic-inert) and a decent tractor beam system was installed instead. Removed one of the five AMS turrets. Made some minor but noticeable visual alterations. Also, all...
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    2. Removed outdated blocks

      In this update I removed the remaining outdated blocks (12 scanner antenna blocks, used decoratively, in the roleplay storage room).

      This was necessary because, under survival circumstances, players can't obtain any of the outdated blocks, which means they can't completely fill the blueprint, and thus can't spawn the ship (sorry for those for whom this meant losing all the other blocks placed into the blueprint).
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