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    UCIV Nora II - Command Cruiser V3.0 (REFIT)

    The Flagship of the Terran Division of the Union Coalition of Interstellar Vanguards

    1. UCIV Nora Class - Command Cruiser

      Refitted ship of (almost) every systems:

      The Ups:
      - More power regen (1m+)
      - More power cap (9m+)
      - Faster shield recharge (for a bit)
      - More thrust (1.6 Ratio for 9930 blocks)

      The Downs:
      - Reduced Warp drive charging rate (due to less modules and increased mass)
      - Power Aux is no more

      Exterior and Interior Design update:

      - Warp Engine "Engine" Design update
      - Additional Hull details
      - Added Cafeteria (used to be crew quarters 2)
      - Removed Consoles and some other things on the...
    2. UCIV Nora II - AMS Upgrade

      The title seems to say it all, Nora II has an AMS Turret upgrade, featuring 12 AMS Turrets (I used deepspacemechanic's Turrets)
      javaw 2017-08-04 20-17-08-76.png javaw 2017-08-04 20-17-18-55.png javaw 2017-08-04 20-17-28-50.png javaw 2017-08-04 20-17-36-76.png
    3. UCIV - Nora Class (Nora II) - Command Cruiser

      javaw 2017-07-30 13-56-44-07.png
      , Here!

      And with a new update on the Nora II Command Cruiser.

      Firstly, I renamed it from "UNSS Nora" to "UCIV - Nora Class" Command Cruiser due to it's newly made lore (UCIV being "Union Coalition of Interstellar Vanguards")

      Secondly, I added some details and such in the Exterior. Now, it bears a similarity with the newly...
    4. UNSS Nora II Command Cruiser

      Now with "Cleaner" Interior and added some details with external


      1. starmade-screenshot-0000.png
      2. starmade-screenshot-0005.png
      3. starmade-screenshot-0003.png
      4. starmade-screenshot-0001.png
      5. starmade-screenshot-0002.png
    5. UNSS Nora II Command Cruiser

      V1.1 Update: Some Door Switch fixes, interior, more lights, and 2 new rooms (which are both restrooms ;) You'll need it, trust me)


      1. javaw 2017-07-07 11-54-14-03.png
      2. javaw 2017-07-07 11-54-54-20.png
      3. javaw 2017-07-07 11-55-05-24.png
      4. javaw 2017-07-07 11-55-36-98.png
      5. javaw 2017-07-07 11-58-30-87.png
      6. javaw 2017-07-07 11-59-05-74.png
      7. javaw 2017-07-07 12-01-00-44.png
      8. javaw 2017-07-07 12-01-31-00.png
      9. javaw 2017-07-07 12-58-17-66.png
      10. javaw 2017-07-07 12-58-43-64.png