SFW. Vale

    SFW. Vale RC1

    Sioux Fleetworks is happy to present, for your consideration, the SFW. Vale.

    This over-clocked covert operations vessel will undoubtedly bring the element of surprise to any theater of action.

    -Cloak, Jam, Charge Jump, and 22% Overdrive (All at once.)
    -Cloak, Jam, Overdrive (When jump inhibited.)
    -Fire under-jam, an anti-personal machine cannon is provided.
    -Light Shielding for unfortunate accidents.

    First release
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    5.00 star(s) 6 ratings

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    Latest reviews

    Neat, wish id had one of these back in the day would have made things easier. : )
    she is a beauty of a stealth ship indeed GJ Dal
    Dang!!!!! Amazing ship.... i hate you dal D:
    Does not even look like a stealth ship, love it!
    What can I say? It's the best looking stealth ship I've ever seen, It does it's job and dang it, Dal is just too good at this stuff. I just hope he never tries a solar sailor, I'd be out of a job. Regardless, Great work mate, It's phenomenal to fly and a joy to look at. Top notch work.
    And as expected, Dalmont takes a run at stealth ships and immediately takes it to a whole new level. I'm impressed and very, very sad the same time because I'll never get this far :(