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      1. Ophialacria
        HEY! NuclearFun, years ago when we used to play starmade I pretty much EXCLUSIVELY used your ships. Nowadays, we're running a server for EMPYRION: Galactic Survival, and me and a few of my mates that I've introduced to your work would LOVE it if you ever thought about making ships for Empyrion. There is a TON of Steam Community Workshop content for the game, and I think you would be a huge hit over there.
        1. Ophialacria
          I would be happy to gift you the game if you ever had an interest in making survival-capable ships for it!
          Jan 8, 2019
      2. NagasGuardian
        Can you send me a link to your AMS turrets, please? I would be very happy to be helped in such a way.
      3. blurb357
        Hey dude, I'm working on a number of ships ATM and I was wondering if I could have your opinion and help with some of the detailing?
        1. NuclearFun
          yes, can do
          Aug 16, 2017
          blurb357 likes this.
      4. Super_Dork_42
        Hey. Love your ships, especially the eidolon and the aurora. One problem though, I tried to dl the eidolon and spawn it in but it spawns in bad and basically blows up immediately. It seems to spawn in slices instead as one piece. And one of the missing slices includes the core. And all the docked stuff undocks too. Is there a way I can get you to reupload it for me? Thanks, bro.
        1. Deathstroke likes this.
        2. Deathstroke
          It is happening to many new ships. Like dalmonts Milano and SkylordLukes krom. These are just a few.
          Feb 16, 2017
      5. GodAlmighty
        Just want you to know, you have by far the most aesthetically pleasing designs I have seen anywhere on the internet for starmade! You should seriously consider model design professionally!

        Keep up the amazing builds, it constantly inspires others creativity!
        1. Deathstroke likes this.
      6. NuclearFun
      7. NuclearFun
      8. Deathstroke
        Can I just say that you blow my mind every time you upload a ship. They have AMAZING designs. Beautiful colors and ferocious firepower. Unfortunately I don't have Starmade yet but once I have it your ships would be the first I will download. You should use your YouTube channel to reviewing your ships like for example Skylord and TsharaMC.
        Kind Regards
        1. NuclearFun
          Thank you, i will try to do a longer/better video for my next ship, have to fix the audio issues before though
          Mar 22, 2016
      9. solarapple
        CAN I JUST SAY
        That your ships are my dream ships. Sadly I have a crappy intel 4400 graphics card so I can't enjoy them in single player.
        1. Deathstroke likes this.
      10. Golliat
        There is possibility to upgrade to the ship Deimos Destroyer A1R6? Their ships are great!
        1. NuclearFun
          it is planned, i just need an idea for the turrets :-)
          Oct 21, 2015
          Golliat likes this.
      11. Gasboy
        Your latest ship is awesome. :)
      12. Elz_0000
        Just stopping in to say that i love your builds. They are the most functional while still being ascetically pleasing ships out there.
      13. Jaffer
        Hello, I would like to say that I am a huge fan of your ships.
        I am refitting the Manticore on my friends server and it will act as the command ship when complete.

        Thankyou for sharing your designs with the community.
      14. Gasboy
        Oh man, the patch today should make your ships more awesome, greatly reduced turret lag.
      15. NuclearFun
        totaly addicted to spaceships
      16. Aegon
        Hey man, I just wanted to say your one of my favorite builders and that I have a question for you if you could spare some time to answer. When you build your largest ships, such as the Hyperion, what order do you build in? By that I mean do you build the ship entirely in a rough way and then add detail? because thats what I do and I always get pretty discouraged by the lack of detail before I even add it...
        1. Thalanor likes this.
      17. Aegon
        ...Because of this discouragement I often scrap most of my projects. I have started framing my ships before building recently and that has helped a tad. Anyways, I was just wondering if you could tell me in what order you build your ships, and any other tips you might allot me. Keep up your astonishing work!
      18. NuclearFun
      19. NuclearFun
      20. OrgnlDave
        You make the best ships. Thanks.
        1. Thalanor likes this.
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