Possum Tech Mining Drone 2018-03-24

    A compact pilot-able mining varient that easily converts to a mining drone.

    1. PromisedPossum
      Game version:
      While its not much of a good looking craft, essentially a rectangle with the corners cut, it is a surprisingly competent miner for something this compact.

      • Top speed chamber level 1
      • Logistics chamber level 2 Mining upgrade.
      • Logic controlled beams for piloted mining. If clock stops, seems to happen on my server, you can jump start the clock using the delay block behind the pilot's seat.
      • Quick connect salvage computers to core for a quick conversion into a mining drone. (the 2 computers conveniently located to either side of the core)

      Rear view

      One improvement I'd like to make is adding the ability to convert from the drone configuration back to pilot-able without having to remove blocks. Please download and review, constructive criticism is appreciated.

      Thanks for looking at another fine Possum Tech product.
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    Recent Reviews

    1. MChain
      Version: 2018-03-24
      Well, even a brick can be made nice-looking (try varying s labs for more complex surface).

      As for the pilotable version, just add an interior to the cockpit. You know, some consoles and screens.
      1. PromisedPossum
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the review MChain, did you notice any operational issues?