1. Dire Wolf

      Cyclops Class Destroyer MK02

      Stats: Pending Features: - 3 Beam-Beam Turrets with Kinetic Effect - 6 VIPR AMS turrets. (4 are attacked to the side beam turrets) - Ship reconfigures some parts based on shields taking damage and ship moving with above 50% thrust - intended to be fleet controlled - 4 barrel Cannon-cannon Main...
    2. Osborn14

      AF LWSM Rascal 2022-08-31

      Æses Factory Welcome, Today we are presenting you the LWSM Rascal. A large mining drone which can be used as first miner. This ship will offert you a good amount of salvaging facility while being equiped with a large cargo. Designed to be a drone it still got a USD Dock with a simple...
    3. B

      Vole M7-LD v0.203.105

      Name: Vole Class: Drone Role: Light Attack Drone Description: the 1 st and only 'drone' in the Animal Series, the Vole was at first uniquely constructed to serve as a drone ordinance for the Leopard Class Corvette. while not a very destructive force on its own, it's compact size, ease of...
    4. splatthecat

      ASI Meridian Class Interceptor Drone 2.0

      Originally designed as a piloted light interceptor to patrol and protect ASI assets, the Meridian Class Interceptor was an agile fighter though armed with limited cannons. As the company expanded its interests further into the galaxy and began to use smaller outposts with limited crew numbers...
    5. Vexare

      Cossak-Class Interceptor Mk I

      Wraitheon Incorperated is proud to present our first ship in a line of attack drones. The Cossak is a small interceptor with quad automatic plasma cannons. Mass: 564.5 length: 26 width: 25 Height: 21 Reactor HP: 9,660 e/sec: 21,560 Thrust: 2446.8 Max Speed: 453.4 E/sec Consumed: 5150...
    6. Jake_Lancia

      TRV Cobra-class Corvette V2.0

      PLEASE NOTE THIS SHIP IS MOSTLY EMPTY AND DESIGNED FOR THE END USER TO FIT SYSTEMS INTO. Cobra-class Corvette Detailed further here: Cobra-class The Cobra-class, not to be confused with the older pre-Foundries Cobra-class "Mini-Quantum", is a class of small, agile corvettes produced by the...
    7. Malcanthet

      HyperNanite Systems SD-1 Lemure 1.0

      Heat Cannon/Missile Kinetic Missile/Beam EM Cannon/Cannon Permanent Stealth Drive, Anti Lockon 1757 Blocks 19x10x42 4,000 e/s 3,500 level 4 reactor 100% stable 15,000 shield, 1,500 regen 225m/s by Malcanthet/HyperNanite Systems
    8. SlavSquatSuperstar

      SVU Mini-Drone D-1 Mod 1

      Shokolad Vodka Union presents our latest in drone technology, the D-1 Drone! Why use up valuable time and put your life at risk when these simple but effective drones can do your job better than you can? We introduce to the market two variants, the DC-1 combat drone and DL-1 logistics drone...
    9. AngelusKutona

      W.E.C - "Toil" - S-Type Worker Drone v0.201.370

      The Toil - Wexian Engineering Corporation presents a new production line to aid the hard-working and industrious! The Toil is a pilot-able drone designed to aid in the gathering of resources on long missions and manipulation of heavy goods and crates. Easily affordable and compact the Toil is...
    10. DistantLifeform

      Solipsi Rai - Gungnir 1.0

      Dimensions: X:187m Y:189m Z:560m Mass (Total): 414,166 This ship was designed after a sniper rifle concept, with a 150k/150k/150k cannon/beam/explosive weapon. The turn rate is extremely bad, due to the mass and dimensions. This ship has no turrets or docked entities, as it was meant to be an...
    11. Reilly Reese

      Stargate F-302 Fighter-Interceptor v0-201-378

      Tauri F-302 Fighter-Interceptor Summary: The F-302 Fighter-Interceptor is the production model of the X-302 hyperspace fighter, an air and space superiority vehicle operated by the United States Air Force, the Russian Federation and possibly the People's Republic of China. It is Earth’s first...
    12. MrGrey1

      MRGS Bare Basics Drone 01a

      MRGS BB Drone. A small, capable multi purpose frame designed for cheap mass deployment. Easily strap cargo, weapons or a salvager to it. Powered by a 199 reactor with 6 chambers and 100+ stability means this drone can fly on one engine. Multi load out dockable weapons and a dedicated salvage...
    13. Omega563

      Worker Drone 1.0

      Worker Drone - Omega Space Corp - Description The small size of these utility drones makes them ideal for station maintenance, their low profile has also seen many ships adopting them. Offensive Weapons On-board Mining Laser SC Defensive Weapons None Images Stats Blocks: 173 Mass Without...
    14. E

      Scavlov - Light miner / Drone 0.201.200

      Pavlov Corp. Presents. Salvage Drone "Scavlov" Ring a bell have some reflex ! (When an asteroid is passing, Scavlov bark!) Discover our products ! https://starmadedock.net/threads/pavlov-corp-shipyard.31048/ How to use it ? Why to use it ? Just dock this simple drone and add it to a fleet...
    15. Salt09

      Salt Industries: Oculus Ultralight Drone 1.01b

      This is a dark grey-and-orange themed mini fighter, carrying a single computer missile launcher and a single computer cannon, with 4 separate barrels on the missile and 6 separate barrels on the cannon. 2.5 thrust/mass ratio 8.5 mass totally power stable power/weapons 2.0 includes rail dock...
    16. DuckyQuacks

      EvE Online - Fighter - Cyclops 1.0

      EvE Online Ship Repositories presents! The Cyclops Brief overview: The Cyclops is a 'Heavy Fighter' designed by the Gallente for use in their 'Supercarrier' class ships - it features four 'Salvo Missiles' which are able to do vast amounts of damage at large ranges. These fighters are designed...
    17. klawxx

      Klawxx - Amarr Acolyte Drone (BIG) 1.0

      * W00T! Power / Weapons 2.0 certified (!) * Amarr Empire's "Acolyte" Drone, from Eve Online Exceptional tanks, large capacitors and a combination of good damage and range make Amarrian ships a firm favourite in armour fleets, though fits with shield tanks or alternate weapon systems also see...
    18. S

      Bowtie Fighter v1.0

      Neo Echota Drive Yards are proud to present our new experimental disposable fighter for all occasions! This ship is compact, powerful, fast and vicious. Due to being designed to fit very, very snugly within the flight bays of the Naagloshii Patrol vessel, it's size and shape lend it toward...
    19. jstenholt

      Hanoi_Class_Mining_Frigate 2018-09-19

      A medium sized mining frigate with absolutely no armament, a full, but modest interior, and a serviceable cargo bay. Works great as a fleet miner and it's constructed almost entirely with early-game materiel.
    20. MA 3655

      Pencil Miner V1.0 2018-09-09

      Super Cheap Drone.