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    Mining Star Shuttle 2018-03-12

    Compact shuttle for planetary excursion and ore extraction

    1. PromisedPossum
      Game version:
      • Auto jump charging
      • Level 2 mining bonus chamber
      • Dual mining beams for ore sample extraction
      • Equipped with ore scanner (unknown future use?)
      • Top speed chamber (level 2)
      • Repulsers can be used by changing the thrust slider (convert top speed chamber to anti-grav for use planet side)
      • On board transporter
      • Seats 3
      • 2 doors, colored thruster plume, storage locker, nifty display
      • Minimal shielding to protect you from pistol fire or nube cubes

      Another fine offering from Possum Technologies. While this is not a serious mining vessel it is a great complement to hanger of planet harvesting behemoths. May also be a fun RP craft. This completes third of three Star Series Shuttles. Please feel free to leave constructive comments and suggestions for improvements.

      Middle shuttle (grey/dark grey/green)