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    TR Star Series Shuttle 2018-03-11

    A compact transportation and reconnaissance vessel

    1. PromisedPossum
      Game version:
      A quick and compact jumper that features;
      • Auto jump charging
      • Max jump distance
      • Level 5 recon
      • Max speed (level 3)
      • Repulsers can be used by changing the thrust slider (convert top speed chamber to anti-grav for use planetside)
      • Onboard transporter
      • Seats 3
      • 2 doors, colored thruster plume, storage locker, nifty display
      • Minimal shielding to protect you from pistol fire or nube cubes
      Left shuttle (white, orange and black)
      A fine offering from Possum Technologies. If you like this product check out the Shooting Star (coming soon)

      My 1st community contribution, I'm sure I'll have to fix something in the presentation. Please take this for a test flight.

    Recent Reviews

    1. MChain
      Version: 2018-03-11
      Looks really good. Keep up the good work!!!