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    LiteSpeed 3 2018-04-19

    A quick little jumper, traverse the galaxy!

    1. PromisedPossum
      Game version:
      This little brother to Possum Tech's Star series shuttles can really scoot.

      • Level 3 jump distance
      • Level 3 jump charge speed with "Auto Charge"
      • Quad repulsers and a mobility chamber for gravity compensation (set for Max speed lvl 1)
      • Orange velour seats with arm rests!!
      • Transporter
      • Small storage
      • Minimal shielding
      • Logic activated doors and egress ramps

      Please feel free to leave comments about functional improvements. As always Possum Tech strives to adapt to the ever changing universe. Stay tuned for an even smaller jumper that refuses to compromise on this feature set, "The LiteSpeed One"



      1. starmade-screenshot-0013.png

    Recent Reviews

    1. MChain
      Version: 2018-04-19
      Looking VERY good, although I'd replace a mobility chamber with the second jump charge. Lost several ships to solar radiation due to inability to jump a second time immediately.
      1. PromisedPossum
        Author's Response
        I made an attempt to add the multi-jump but ran out of Reactor Capacity, even after removing the mobility chamber. I would either have to reduce the charge speed or the distance to compensate. I would also have to leave a chamber exposed due to the conduit connection. A great idea, just wish the trade off would not cost so much RC. I could change the auto charge to multi, however I feel that defeats the point.