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    Shooting Star Shuttle 2018-03-11

    A compact armored transport with dual cannon

    1. PromisedPossum
      Game version:
      • Auto jump charging
      • Max jump distance
      • Level 5 recon
      • Max speed (level 3)
      • Repulsers can be used by changing the thrust slider (convert top speed chamber to anti-grav for use planet side)
      • On board transporter
      • Seats 3
      • 2 doors, colored thruster plume, nifty display
      • Std armor and moderate shielding to protect you from nube cubes
      • Dual cannon-cannon punch, to strike back at small opponents.
      Another fine offering from Possum Technologies. The second of three Star Series Shuttles. Please feel free to leave constructive comments and suggestions for improvements.

      Far right (grey/dark grey)
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    Recent Reviews

    1. MChain
      Version: 2018-03-11
      I'd build her of motherboards and hull for added speed. But otherwise a lovely little shuttle.
      1. PromisedPossum
        Author's Response
        Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. For some reason I thought the mass on the mb was nerfed on the latest update but I was wrong. I may prototype a lighter version later.