KORTHEX - The Deepspace Mech

    KORTHEX - The Deepspace Mech v1.6

    No more dysfunctional systems; everything brought up to date with current configs (game version 0.203.108)
    After the Weapons Update, and the subsequent removal of the integrity mechanic, the possibility arose to overhaul every system of this mech. Systems were so significantly improved as if it wasn't the same mech. Also, all remaining outdated blocks were finally removed (Power Supply Modules). The classic systems variant is no longer included in the download. (Click "Read More" below for the full list of systems improvements)

    Previously: 1,260,000 cap - 2,100 net recharge
    Current update: 2,575,000 cap - 56,000 net recharge

    Previously: 148,000 e/s - 61% stabilization
    Current update: 316,000 e/s - 31% stabilization

    Previously: 43,000 DPS cannon/cannon
    Current update: 74,000 DPS cannon/cannon/heat effect (70% effect)
    In this update I removed the remaining outdated blocks (a few scanner antennas and jumpdrive modules, used decoratively, and then the Explosive Effect blocks of the main weapon) in the "New Systems" variant of the mech.

    This was necessary because, under survival circumstances, players can't obtain any of the outdated blocks, which means they can't completely fill the blueprint, and thus can't spawn the mech (sorry for those for whom this meant losing all the other blocks placed into the blueprint).

    The main turret arm weapon is now a 2200/2200 sized, Cannon/Cannon type machine gun with around 43,000 DPS instead of the original 60,000.

    The "Old Systems" variant, meant to be used in older game versions, remained the same.
    The AMS turrets are no longer manually-controllable. On one hand, there's no need for that, on the other hand, if the manual control of larger turrets meant to be used that way can interfere with the AI's ability to aim at missiles, than the AMS turrets would be worthless in combat with the "manual control" option turned on in their Bobby AI computer.
    Fixed the low shield recharger integrity, as well as the power imbalance when using the turret arm (in the "New systems" variant).
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