MS-06c Zaku II (Type C: Early Production Type)

    MS-06c Zaku II (Type C: Early Production Type) 1.1a

    Game version
    Update 1/12/2018 Bugs have been resolved.

    This is a shell. It has no reactor, shields, or weapons. A complete version is coming soon.

    This version includes basic weapons. The turret has a Cannon/Cannon/Overdrive and a Missile/Beam/Explosive weapon. There are only a few of each module, as it is meant as suggestions and a general illustration of where the weapon systems go, and not an actual weapon. All you would need to do would be to add more cannon/missile/beam modules to make it usable though.

    More exciting than the gun, the axe now has a basic pulse system. Again, it is only a few modules, but the position has been worked out so that both entities of the arm have their own separate pulse that is targeted right on the edge of the axe. Each is activated by an area trigger resides in the spot where the pulse is delivered. When the arm straightens out during the attack animation, the area triggers are side by side along the edge of the axe. It just needs additional pulse modules to be a complete and usable weapon.

    I also made the cockpit prettier. Gundam fans might appreciate the Gundam lore-friendly descriptions of the ships statistics. There's also a med kit and a storage locker in the cockpit now.

    I've pretty much entirely redone the logic. The Main Logic Board now resides behind the left door. It's enclosed in a box that should make it resistant to damage. To look at the logic systems, take a look at the spoiler tag below.

    You can look at the model here.
    MS-06 Zaku II by ProfDriftwood - 3D model

    There are many features to the basic shell, and many logic systems have been integrated. It has two simple animations. One that swaps you between flying and standing stances, and an axe attack. There is a button that you can press to switch between standing and flying stances, however it is not necessary to use it. The Zaku will automatically assume a flying stance upon undocking, and stand again when docked.

    The head is a long range enemy detector. It is designed to point out enemies by looking at them.The eye will scan left and right, and the head will indicate if it's above or below you with a slight neck motion. It is not field tested with actual enemies, so your milage may vary. It will shoot a big pink homing missile which you can follow visually to find enemies. The gun arm is works okay as an AI turret , but it is intended to be used with upcoming Manual turret control.

    All the motion buttons are noted so you can correct the positions if it gets out of sync, or if you want to create your own animations. Click the spoiler below for detailed info about the logic.

    The Main Logic Board now resides behind the left door. It's enclosed in a box that should make it resistant to damage.

    I've also gone through great pain to label everything. There are tons of display modules, and every wireless module is color coded. If you should find a wireless module isn't working, you need only find the one with the matching colored light to reconnect it.

    The attack animation has been cleaned up and moved to the main body, below the main motion board.

    The shoulder and thighs have had their interior logic reorganized and reinforced. All rotating joints have also been linked to a central reset button that turns them back into rails. This fixes some bugs that can arise in blueprints made from it.

    It is advisable to go to all the screens and Press R then select Okay to save the screen after you have spawnedthe zaku, or else they may vanish upon relogging. Here are most of the complicated display modules in a spoiler tag, in case they fall off.


    DŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽ                   ▲  ▲
    DŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽ                   ▲


    Minovsky He³ Cold
    Fusion Reactor

    [power] kW/s
    [powerCap] kW/s


    I-Field Barrier
    Anti-beam system

    Shield Density:
    [shield] V/m
    [shieldCap] V/m

    Activate Zaku


    High-Tensile Steel
    Armor Stress Monitor

    Resilience Rating:
    [armorHp] N
    Out of:
    [armorHpCap] N


    Systems Monitor

    Systems Reporting:
    Out of:
    [structureHpCap] Total


    DŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽ                           Armor Integrity: [armorHpPercent]%
    DŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽ                          System Integrity: [structureHpPercent]%

    DŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽ                           I-Field Stability: [shieldPercent]%
    DŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽ                      Minovsky Fusion Output: [powerPercent]%


    DŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽ              PRESS ◄ To Activate


    Activate Zaku







    DŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽ          ╔═╗─╔╗───────╔════╗
    DŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽ          ║║╚╗║║───────╚══╗═║
    DŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽ          ║╔╗╚╝╠══╦══╗───╔╝╔╬══╦══╦═╗
    DŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽ          ║║╚╗║║║═╣╔╗╠══╦╝╔╝║║═╣╔╗║╔╗╗


    DŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽ            ║║─║║║║═╣╚╝╠═╦╝═╚═╣║═╣╚╝║║║║
    DŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽ            ╚╝─╚═╩══╩══╝─╚════╩══╩══╩╝╚╝


    DŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽ       ╔═╦═╦══╗──╔═══╦═══╗─╔══╗──╔╗──╔══╦══╗
    DŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽ       ║║║║║══╬══╣╔═╗║╔══╬═╬══╠═╗║╠╦╦╬║║╩║║╝
    DŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽ       ║║║║╠══╠══╣║║║║╚══╣═╣══╣╬╚╣═╣║╠║║╦║║╗


    DDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽDŽ       ╚╩═╩╩══╝──║║║║║╔═╗╠═╩══╩══╩╩╩═╩══╩══╝

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    Latest updates

    1. bug fix 3

      made exported blueprint name more easy to identify
    2. Bug Fix 2

      Another upload, there were some issues with the exported blueprint, this should correct them.
    3. Bug Fix / Logic System Overhaul

      I've got another major update for the zaku shell citing several issues with the prior version...

    Latest reviews

    Excellent work. Welcome to the Starmade giant robot club.
    Thanks! Maybe someday the Zaku and your Megazord should duke it out!
    This version works perfectly. - Both the file and the logic animations are bug-free.

    I'm not sure if I can remove the previous review, but I thought I should write a new one to avoid misleading potential future downloaders who might not realize that it has been updated.

    Again, awesome project, I like how you managed to block out the weapons and some of its body parts despite the organic shapes involved. I wasn't familiar with the Zaku Gundam mecha before, but after checking a few pictures of it I can see you really nailed the overall form, good job! The animations are really nice, and I appreciate the re-organizing of the circuits, it should make future attempts at programming new animations a lot easier.

    And I recommend trying out the axe swing to others - it generates a nice red damage pulse explosion upon hitting a target.
    Awesome project! - I like how you blocked out the weapons, some of its body parts, and the overall form, despite the somewhat organic shapes involved. The animation shown on that GIF is really nice too.

    However, something seems to have went wrong with the exporting/uploading process, because the file I downloaded (the most recent update / the second version) differs from the one shown in the images. It has an unfinished axe and, strangely, it starts to perform an animation the moment it's spawn in, after which the "Stand/Fly" control changes only its left leg orientation.

    Since you wrote that the system detects whether the mech is docked or not, I speculate that the problem might be that the blueprint was saved while the mech was docked. So spawning it in is like undocking it - it changes into its flight posture automatically, which unfortunately breaks the hotbar control for this animation.

    Anyways, it's a splendid mech, and I would love to see its more ironed-out version :)
    Thank you for letting me know, I will attempt to fix it.