Dart M2

    Dart M2 v0.203.105

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    Name: Dart Mark 2/ Dart M2
    Class: Fighter/LAC
    Role: Basic Fighter, LAC support, Fire support, Station Defense, Defense/Attack

    " The Bodkin may be the icon of Military ships, and the Arbalest its current Crown Jewel, but it all wouldn't exists without the Dart starting everything."- anonymous accolade attributed to an unknown Shipyard Constructor.


    The Dart Mark 2 Combat Craft, or simply the Dart M2, is in truth a revitalization of an ancient prototype predating the popular Bodkin M1. The first Fighter type ship entry of the 2nd generation Military project, the Dart Sacrifices many of the chambers (FTL, speed, ect) of its earlier cousin in exchange for allowing it to be easy to build, fly and modify.

    The Dart Also sacrifices fire rate and close range in exchange for a basic, mid-range cannon that allows it to outrange most close-range fighters. It's compact form also allows it to be an ideal Fighter ship to be stored in large, Mass Deployment Carriers.

    Its inner console system also allows for easier access, monitoring of AI and Ship elements. combined with life support, gravity and cargo, this makes the Dart ideal for pilots used to ship interiors.

    Manned or unmanned, the Dart, while no great ship killer, is still useful in mixed squads, large numbers, and in tandem with a Fleet, and Adds further to much needed mid-range variety to fighter and LAC type ships.

    it's chassis also allows for easy additional turret , weapon, chamber and tool modifications. this could allow for possibly multiple variants to emerge in the future.

    Mass- 65.9
    Blocks- 696
    Length- 19 meters
    Width- 18 meters
    Height- 6 meters

    HP- 1,280
    Power/Stability- 32
    Shield Capacity/Regen- 2000/85
    Speed- 510
    Cargo Capacity- 100
    Missile Capacity- 1.69
    Chambers- None
    Turrets: none

    1 X2 Barrel Cannon- range: 9000 meters, DPS 248 (total)



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