Sunglint M4 B-lAC

    Sunglint M4 B-lAC v0.203.105

    Game version
    Name: Sunglint
    Class: Light attack craft
    : Attack/ defense, medium range beam artillery, capital ship harassment.

    the Sunglint M4 B-LAC is another solo entry into the public ship market. Designed with a unique ring shape, the Sunglint utilizes its standard sup lightspeed and four beam turrets for near continuous fire against medium and large targets. while it's struggles with smaller drone ships and faster targets, it's emphasis on lasers make it a challenge for unsupported fighters to attack unless they have impressive armor and shields.

    armed with a standard autochanger FTL Drive and Kinetic resistance armor, it's relatively empty interior towards it's center, allows for further post purchase/construction modifications,allowing the ship to shine in whatever role a pilot desires.

    the only difficulty is that it's rear facing docking rail may restrict docking options. it's lack of AMS systems also means that pilots must be vigilant against missile screens.



    2856 blocks (including turrets)
    mass of 198.9
    Cargo capacity- 6.3 k

    Length 25 meters
    Width 41 Metes
    Height 29 meters
    (excluding turrets)

    HP- 5400
    power/stability- 120
    Shield cap/ regen- 7,750/ 85
    Speed- 510

    Weapons, turrets & range:
    1x 4 barrel standard laser (19 damage each)

    4- 3block x2 barrel standard beam turrets.

    range- 9000 meters

    FTL BASE- Autocharger
    Armor Base- kinetic resistance 1
    First release
    Last update
    3.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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    Latest reviews

    creative design, good use of small details and coloring. good speed. has a somewhat awkward reactor size, making it heavier than a fighter, with bigger chamber requirements but not the max reactor you could have gain at the cost of loosing the below 100 bonus.

    good speed and good lore. the ship however is better for RP than pvp. the weapons are simply not powerful enough and the shield regen is very low.

    keep up the cool designs!