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    A relatively affordable ship, easy to build, the Bodkin M1 is built with the intent of acting as the back bone of a fighter corp of any fleet that can accommodate it's 30 l x 21 w x 6 h dimensions.

    Asymmetrical in design, it sports a kinetic rapid fire cannon meant to chew through drones and vulnerable hard points on larger, shielded ships on it's right, and on it's left, it houses a jump capable chamber for long distance travel, as well as quick hit and run strikes. it also utilizes reverse thrusts to full maneuver in space. And features multiple frontal cameras for effective piloting.

    Another feature is that it's cockpit is designed with a cargo container with 1k capacity, internal gravity, and medical equipment. It also sports numerous wireless logic controls for it's cockpit, rail docking clamp at the bottom and numerous other tools. This means that the Bodkin M1, while lacking transfer rails, can easily ferry personal cargo, act as a ship for manual miners, or assist in manual transfer of goods.It also has public and faction module for ease of access and flexibility in ownership. And finally, has Bobby AI for Convenience as well as solo or fleet auto piloting.

    However, it's flaws are that it lacks wireless logic, support tools, and it's shields, while effective at enduring damage from disposable drones and a hit from a low power fighter, will falter under concentrated fire power or effective fire power. it also sacrifices heavier armor for the sake of affordability and ease of replacement. it's also slightly outmaneuvered by more dedicated speed ships.

    For this reason, unless in the hands of an extremely skilled pilot, the Bodkin M1 is best used in squadrons, or in coordination with fleets with heavier, larger, more durable ships with larger damage outputs.

    Ship Stats:
    Mass: 143.7
    Dimensions: Length 30 meters, Width 21 meter, Height 6 meters
    Reactor HP- 4.3 K
    Stability: 96
    Power consumption: 3,125
    Shield capacity: 1,250 (1.2)k
    Shield regen: 180 (25% recharge under fire)
    Chambers: FTLx2 (x1 base, x1 level 3 distance)
    Speed: 300 (ignoring raw thrust)
    Cargo Capacity: 1K

    Weapon Stats:
    Weapons: 1 CCK (Cannon, Cannon, kinetic)
    Weapon Barrel/s: 1
    Weapon power consumption: 1325 (charging- 5,300, resting 1325)
    Weapon DPS: 419.4
    Direct damage: 109.8
    Penetration: 3 blocks
    Effect Ratio: 0.4
    Range: 6000 m
    Projectile Speed: 4500 m

    Turrets: n/a

    *update 7/22/2020- Stat list now includes proper CCK statistics, mainly; damage, range, charging power consumption, DPS and barrels. Also spelling error corrections.

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