1. B

      Shortbow Class Gunship v0.203.105

      side front view of the short bow. undeath's it's head where it's sensor suite is lcoated, is both the hard point weapon and Laser emitter. Name: Shortbow class gunship Role: Combat (Defender/Attacker) Description: A first of the Gunship class, a transitory ship between light fighters and...
    2. B

      Mender-LRP-M1v2 v0.202.87

      A variation of the Bodkin M0 ( converted civilian to military vessel that would serve as the basis for the Bodkin M1), the Mender-LRP-M1v2 (Ligh Repair Pod) is a vessel designed for providing a basic repair and rescue role for any support fleet. While it's rescue role may be suited more towards...
    3. S

      Gladiator-class starfighter 1.0

      A fairly-old model that was originally made by me when I first started playing this game, thought I'd share.
    4. SlavSquatSuperstar

      SVU Fighter F-3 Pack Mod 1A

      Shokolad Vodka Union is proud to unveil its first starfighter design, the F-3. The F-3 was born out of a need to protect our mining and transport vessels from pirate attacks. This one-man light fighter is cheap to produce and is best to be operated from short range bases or carriers. We use it...
    5. Spartan-228

      Wyvern class Light Cruiser Mk1

      The Wyvern class is the back bone of the Urivican capital fleet and can be found throughout the kingdom protecting it citizens from pirates, possible enemy invasions, or just providing assistance to stranded ships. Remember guys, if you want quality, go Legion Adeptus.;)
    6. arkahys

      light level of light blocks by number of activators.

      All is in the title : as you set the speed of rail by % of number of activator on controller, set a % of light emmited by light blocks by connect more activators on it. Allow soft light, fading effect, etc ... Go further a "multicolor light block" who can be connected by other color light block...
    7. B

      Glitch Planet Lighting

      Ok I copied this from my reddit post but someone told me the forums would be a better place to look: Me and a friend settled on a planet but every time I look away from the sun everything goes dark but if i look back its light. It doesnt matter whtas in the way as long as the sun is in frame...
    8. DeepspaceMechanic

      Flit-class Pulsar Scout - DM2 (RE-MAKE) v1

      Allow me to present the Flit-class Pulsar Scout - DM2 edition. This is my re-make of the SCOUT - Flit Class Twin Pulsar originally created by Drybreeze I checked out the aforementioned StarMade creation in mid March, and thought that it was a very nice, imaginative sci-fi design. I wanted to...
    9. virtue1987

      Atlanta Class Light Cruiser 2017-06-24

      Here is the Atlanta Class Fleet Escort Cruiser, this Ship is based on the real life Atlanta Class Cruiser.. Ist a small Ship, build to deal with small to medium Ships. She comes equipped with: - 3 Barrel main Gun - Multi Barrel Anti Missle Gun - 4x Missile Beam combo - 6 Anti Ship Turrets - Some...
    10. wizerdwolf

      Kuat Sys. Eng. Eta-2 Atcis Class Light Interceptor - WizTech Replica 1.0

      Built at a roughly 1:1 scale, this replica ship is designed primarily for RP purposes, though it does come with a provided Bobby AI in the astromech socket and functioning cannon-cannon weapons.. This would be a great addition to any Star Wars themed fleet, and would look great in the hangar of...
    11. NaStral

      LiCorp Redeemer Mk VI Long Range Patrol Craft [Legacy] 0.199.535

      The Redeemer has been one of those designs I couldn't simply let die so I instead dragged it through 6 different incarnations with the first one being built out of Isanth parts on Light Vs Dark's very first server. Since then it's been used as an issued ship for recruits to my old faction, a...
    12. WarTactical

      SR Industries - Classe Protheus 7.0

      SR Industries present : The Protheus class The Protheus class is a light patrol ship designed to survey sectors under control to prevent any enemy incursion but it's not a lonely ship. It's equiped with a little radar system and a low rate jump drive. On the side of weapons, it get 2x...
    13. Tunk

      Display module colour linking

      Came up in chat just now, Basically would be nice if linking a display module to a weapon or other colourable block/device that it takes on the colour specified on the display module. I'd suggest a color tag using RGB hex values. For example, linking a module with \[color=#FF0000\] gives you...
    14. Winterhome

      Imperial Light Cruiser 2016-12-06

      The Imperial Light Cruiser, based on the Arquitens Light Cruiser hull, is a small patrol vessel generally reserved for snagging smugglers and enforcing tariffs on merchant vessels. It's not particularly useful for full-on war when compared to other Imperial vessels (such as the Imperial I Star...
    15. A

      Dragonfly Light Fighter 0.199.253a

      A small Archon Combat Systems fighter, the Dragonfly is equipped with a 1-computer Missile Tube, and a 1-computer/2-gun Cannon. The ship can withstand adequate punishment for its size.
    16. Exozen

      Brightness in Lighting

      Over the past years we've seen the lighting engine change and evolve, and boy has it improved for the better, as our dear friend the Corner block can attest. However... Starmade still lacks one fundamental feature... and that is varying brightness of lights, an important aspect that vastly...
    17. spaceEngineer

      decorative block color control

      Currently decorative blocks are somewhat limited in terms of color you’ve got server blocks graphs personal computers with two colors (correct me if I am wrong there). However the problem is that adding all different colors for each block would take a big chunk out of available block ID's so...
    18. Lecic

      OFL Light Penetrator Cloaker/Bomber 1.01

      A sub-50 mass cloaker with armor penetrating capabilities, for attacking large, unshielded ships. Features a 90 30/30/30 Cannon/Pulse/Pierce weapon, power stable cloaking and jamming, a JD, and a scanner.
    19. Napther

      KDI Havoc-Prospector Light Miner 2016-09-13

      Yet another content post, I've got more of these to come I assure you. Because fleets aren't all governed by large, powerful ships, sometimes its the little guys that have the most effect. This is the KDI Havoc-Prospector Light Miner. While it most definitely isn't dirt cheap, requiring...
    20. Mariux

      AHI Folkvangr I

      The Folkvangr is a small drone carrier equipped with turrets and 10 Draugr-class drones. It is a highly versitile ship capable of operating as an escort, part of a larger strike force or serving as a hit-and-run harasser (Jump in, drop drones, GTFO). The ship has basic interior. DON'T FORGET TO...