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    Brest class Mk1.1 + Mk2.1

    Heavy frigate/Small destroyer/Heavy escort

    1. MChain

      Ship mass: 4061,3 tons
      Ship power levels: 1 274 967.2 e; 511 945 e/s
      Ship measures: 107m (l) x 33m (h) x 29m (w)

      Ship engine:
      Thrust: 7196,2 MN
      Power consumption: 228 866,7 e/s
      Ship top speed: 159,0 m/s
      Ratio to mass: 1,6
      Rotational potential
      X: 0,3; Y: 0,3; Z: 0,7

      Ship shielding:
      Max power: 428 437 e
      Regeneration rate (non-combat): 6 847 e/s
      Power consumption: 6 847 e/s
      Ship armament:

      4x TUR CCPT_50.29 Twin (DPS per barrel 572)
      8x TUR PD (CC_100) Mk1 "Slim"
      Mk1: 2x MBEx_0.100 Missile Tube (Damage per missile 90 600)
      Mk2: 2x CBOd_100.50 Heavy Railguns (Damage per shot per barrel 12 080)

      Ship auxiliary systems:

      Energy consumption: 222098,6 e/s

      MAX Charge: 407523,7 e
      Charge rate: 7050,0 e/s
      Charge time 57,2 s

      MAX Charge: 1 939 928,1 e
      Charge rate: 49600,0 e/s
      Charge time 40,2 s

      Ship cargo systems:
      8x Crew Lockers

      Ship docking systems:
      2x airlock-integrated lateral USDs

      Ship armor rating: 1 200 k
      Ship survivability rating: 1 200 k
      Ship crew: 6-8

      Welcome to KB Cosmos!

      Due to the increasing dangers of deep space commerce, we had to provide our customers with an adequate level of protection. So we created our first military vessel, the Brest class destroyer.

      Main features of this ship include double-layered standard armor with a blast gap to add extra protection against AP weapons and small fighter missiles. Its main missile tubes can literally vaporize a standard Isanth VI or any of its modifications, and four heavy twin CCPT_50.29 turrets provide enough firepower to keep most enemies at a safe distance. And should you expect your enemies having a point-defence system mounted on their fighters, you could use the heavy –°BOd_100.50 railguns instead of missile tubes. The ship is built according to a newer no-cockpit scheme thus removing such structural weaknesses as windows.

      Brest class is equipped with a standard 40-second jumpdrive and a system scanner with a 57s delay between swoops. Both ship airlocks are aligned with outer armor plates and equipped with standard USDs to allow easy docking to any station or ship. Although we originally intended to equip the ship with some kind of cargo transport facilities, they did not make it to the final design due to a severe impact on performance.

      We hope this ship will serve you well and protect your crews and property from destruction.

      ...and many more
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    Recent Updates

    1. Coloration
    2. Main Caliber Weapons refit (Mk2)

    Recent Reviews

    1. Vvolodymyr
      Version: Mk1.1 + Mk2.1
      That's a sleek-looking 4k mass warship there! I also like those interiors :) good job. I think we can expect Minsk & Gomel ships as well (?) - Zhyve Belarus :)
      1. MChain
        Author's Response
        Was thinking about starting a light cruiser which will be named "Minsk" and its carrier version named "Moskva", but the news stopped my progress on all ships. Will continue work as soon as power overhaul is complete, till then will build only shells. But definitely you'll see Minsk.
    2. Samwiz1
      Version: Mk1.1 + Mk2.1
      I like the interior design and it seems to be a pretty fair overall vessel, but just curious why the "brest"? Next in this series will there be the SMS Bolsak? Confusing name aside, this is a well done ship. A bit of outstanding color and it would totally be 5 stars. Good job!
      1. MChain
        Author's Response
        Brest was the first Soviet city struck by German forces. The next one will carry the name of another major Soviet city, depending on class. Or maybe something like Grozny, Gremyaschy, Stremitelny, if the ship is small.

        As for the paintjob, I definitely lack the skill in painting, that's why it carries its black-and-grey scheme with green stripe (as seen on screenshots, 3d render is not up-to-date). Also, had a hard time imagining a war machine bearing a bright livery.
    3. EricBlank
      Version: Mk1 + Mk2
      You've done an amazing job with the interior detailing on this ship. Moving through it feels like being aboard a navy vessel, a submarine.

      Externally the overall shape and structure is great, and it gives your turrets good line of fire in most direstions, the armor plates and grooves give it form, but it's a bit lacking for color and contrast. Maybe add some emblems or lettering that designates its name, class and role or something? An awe-inspiring paint job?
      1. MChain
        Author's Response
        Thank you for your review! I'm really glad you enjoyed exploring this vessel and I hope you'll enjoy using it!

        I went for an unremarkable and dark colour scheme on purpose. Had some difficulties with imaging a warship with a bright colour scheme. But you're right, some small highlights here and there could not hurt her...

        Same with emblems, but also it is way easier to apply your own emblem on a clear hull without needing to remove an existing emblem first. Saves half the work if you wish her in your fleet (and the emblem I tried to draw on her looked really terrible... So I had to remove it)

        I'll upload additional coloured versions of both Mk1 and Mk2 as soon as I get back to work (my home laptop is a bit too weak) and figure out actual colour schemes.