Janibekov class Freighter

    Janibekov class Freighter 1.2

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    A light freighter vessel with a somewhat overdeveloped interior, first for a very long time. Cargo capacity approx 720k, TWR 2.7 unloaded, top speed 270 m/s unloaded, autoloading multicharge warpdrive with max range.

    Unfortunately, I was unable to fit a decent PD to the ship, mostly due to PD nowadays needing a behemoth cannon to be even remotely effective. Shielding on the thing is meant only to provide cover while preparing the next jump, so pretty decent capacity for her size, but long recharge rate.

    The ship features an escape pod for the whole crew, three advanced docking ports on frontal and lateral surfaces (aligned with the outmost hull parts for ease of docking) and auto-closing doors to the bridge, beam and engine room. Both reactor and engines are easily accessible form the inside.

    The ship features tug functionality on the front docking collar with an additional dedicated wireless switch to toggle docked equipment. The equipment though needs some finishing touches and will be uploaded separately. Originally the ship was meant to be a pusher tug with replaceable and interchangeable role modules, but due to rail rotators being broken, I had to abandon that idea of mine and convert her to cargo freighter.

    Pink squares on the keel are placeholders for ship ID number, made easily removable without damaging the systems. Since the pink hull is rarely used at all and nowhere else in this ship's construction, that was an obvious choice.

    The Escape Pod and its dock are a single system, and for proper operation the connection must be established between the two circuits. To do so exit the ship and proceed to the escape pod's berth from outside the ship. From there you'll need to connect two wireless blocks - one is at the bottom of the pod's atnenna, and the other is mounted on the wall of the dock. See the picture for reference. Connect them bi-directionally and everything will work fine. Otherwise you risk shooting your pod out with doors wide open and hi-vis lights disabled
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    1. Quick Fix

      Fixed an inappropriate behavior of an escape pod retrieval. Now the pickup point will be active...
    2. Fixes

      - Fixed Escape Pod reattachment system. Some of the shootouts were not switching back to pickup...