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    Brest class Mk1.1 + Mk2.1

    Heavy frigate/Small destroyer/Heavy escort

    1. Coloration

      Coloured the destroyer. Sorry if it isn't that impressive, it is the very best I could do with that flying brick.

      Also, fixed missing railings in engine section and structural components in the CQ corridor.
      Added a faction block in comms centre


      As usual, the ship comes in two versions with the same paintjob and internal layout but different main caliber guns.
    2. Main Caliber Weapons refit (Mk2)

      After the first series of tests the performance of Brest class against PD-equipped shps was found dissatisfying. Its main caliber heavy MBEx_0.100 missiles were too slow and prone to be shot down by even the lightest PD systems found mounted even on a simple heavy fighter.

      The solution to that problem was to replace th Brest's MBEx with a newly-developed twin CBOd_100.50 railguns. Although nearly draining the ship's power grid to perform a shot, these weapons are far more reliable in terms...