rp ship

    1. Serene-Switch

      Republic Heraklon Class Miner (WIP) 5519

      Wasn't planning to upload so soon, but is now here for safe keeping due to BP shenanigans.
    2. Serene-Switch

      Republic Pelta Class Frigate (WIP) 5519

      Wasn't planning to upload so soon, but is now here for safe keeping due to BP shenanigans.
    3. Serene-Switch

      CDF Bloodhound Class Frigate (WIP) 5519

      Wasn't planning to upload so soon, but is now here for safe keeping due to BP shenanigans.
    4. Serene-Switch

      UFP Excelsior Class Heavy Cruiser(WIP) 2019-02-25

      As usual this is an early release for another one of my AI builds, I did however get a little carried away building it (as it is my favorite ST ship, fight me) so there is some minor detail and a rough draft of the systems as well. Overall I think it's fairly accurate so far, though I did try...
    5. Type O

      O Corvette - Lancia 141 mk7_3 2019-01-25

      Combat-corvette with adequate role-play interior; standard-armor with advanced-armor plating. Length: 142m __Weapons: 1x Front-mounted Beam, 4x Cannon-turrets, 8x PDCs __Reactor: Level 19, Stabilization 70.7% __Chambers: Shield Capacity 2, Shield Type Low Damage Resistance 2, Shield Outage...
    6. Serene-Switch

      UNSC GA-TL1 Longsword 1:1 Scale : )

      The UNSCs most reliable and iconic fighter. Stats Mass: 1,690 Power: 39,900 Shields: 500,000/Regen: 6,000 TMR: 2.4/MS 344.5 Weapons Primary: CCK/300,300,300 Secondary: MBH/200,0,200 Other: Radar Jamming Capabilities. Notes: Includes logic entrance ramp and emergency landing skids.
    7. Serene-Switch

      Earth Federation RB-79W Ball 1:1 Scale : )

      Stats Mass: 239 Power: 6,600 Shields: 10,000/Regen: 1,000 TMR: 2.4/MS 343.5 Tools Primary: SC/200,200 Storage: 9.4K Other: Minging Upgrade 2.
    8. Serene-Switch

      Earth Federation RB-79K Ball 1:1 Scale : )

      Stats Mass: 241 Power: 6,600 Shields: 110,000/Regen: 2,000 TMR: 2.3/MS 340 Weapons Primary: CCH/60,60,60 Other: Level 3 Scan Capability
    9. Serene-Switch

      Colonial Defense Force Viper Space Fighter MK VII : )

      The newest of the Twelve Colonies space fighters, the Viper MK VII offers superior firepower to its earlier iterations as well as an advanced electronics countermeasure suite. Stats Mass: 189 Power: 4,400 Shields: 42,750/Regen: 990 TMR: 2.5/MS 360 Weapons Primary: CC/60,60 Other: Missile...
    10. Serene-Switch

      Earth Federation FF-3 Saberfish 2018-11-10

      The EFSFs versitile exo/intro-stmospheric fighter. While perhaps less agile than its mobile suit counterparts nothing either Zeon or the Federation has can top its acceleration. Stats Mass: 214 Power: 4,400 Shields: 65,250/Regen: 1,000 TMR: 2.3/MS 331 Weapons Primary: CC/66,66 Other: Rocket...
    11. Serene-Switch

      UNSC YSS-1000 Sabre 1:1 Scale 2018-11-10

      The UNSCs own [CLASSIFIED] class space superiority fighter equiped with standard weapons and advanced reconnaissance systems specially designed to detect [CLASSIFIED] stealth technology. Stats Mass: 194 Power: 4,400 Shields: 21,750/Regen: 1,000 TMR: 2.5/MS 360 Weapons Primary: CC/50,50...
    12. Serene-Switch

      UNSC D-77 TCI Pelican 1:1 Scale 2018-11-10

      A 1:1 scale UNSC Pelican equiped with standard weapons and limited defensive and stealth capabilities for operating behind enemy lines. Stats Mass: 160 Power: 2,900 Shields: 10,500/Regen: 500 TMR: 2.5/MS 360 (unloaded) Weapons Primary: CCK/30,30,30 Secondary: MBH/4,0,4 Other: Radar Jamming...
    13. E

      The Guppy + Turret Dispenser 2018-10-16

      Pavlov Corp. Presents. Working Horse "The Guppy" Stop running for docking your turrets ! (Don't be selfish, be a goldfish, just move your tail and use the rail) Discover our products ! https://starmadedock.net/threads/pavlov-corp-shipyard.31048/ How to use it ? Why to use it ? Are you...
    14. E

      Day One - Starter Ship 2018-10-09

      Pavlov Corp. Presents. Starter Ship "Day One" A cheap and simple way to eat the universe ! (When you want to run, you just have to do the first step bro')) Discover our products ! https://starmadedock.net/threads/pavlov-corp-shipyard.31048/ Compact design A simple 17x11x25 meters starter...
    15. Ael's

      NX-Alpha 1.0

      NX-Alpha of the series Star Trek Enterprise. NX-Alpha de la série Star Trek Enterprise. Photos / Pictures
    16. Kraengis

      UENSA Standard Lifeboat 2018-08-18

      This a small ship fitted with a few stealth and FTL upgrades. I also has a little tractor beam just in case. Obviously not fitted for combat and even an attack from an Isanth is dangerous. To be used as last ressort when the mothership is going to be destroyed. It has some interiors, RP...
    17. Kraengis

      SFRU Mako 2018-08-17

      RP oriented fighter, (made for the UENSA project), thought I tried my best to fit it to be usable a bit (I still lack experience in combat ships), but canons are still weak compared to beams so it it's not a very strong ship. The weapons are all in the brown tube on the front. But it's equiped...
    18. Tsnonak

      RESCUE I 2018-07-27

      Cleanup after a Masacre is a dirty Job! Is your Server on fire? Need to get there fast? [SIS] Stuck In Space proudly presents the "Rescue I" - Support Vessel This is the ship of choice for administrative duties! The Specs: Engineering Corridor to Control Room Control Room - seats...
    19. madman Captain

      Detail Devil (Cause some details are to awesome to not post them!)

      We have awesome engines, turrets, doors, interiors and fighters but nobuddy made a thread for awesome details that dosent fit in one of this categorys. So i made one for general details (No your complet ship dosent count a a single detail). So did you guys have some details to share? So lets...
    20. StarGuy1701

      [Unidentified Flying Object] v1.1

      UCIV: Terran and Martian Origin's - Chapter 1 "First Encounters" During the Early years of the Planet Terran, a mysterious forces from outer space came down and brought terror to it's citizens... A fleet of ships with technology never seen before, an Unidentified Flying Object... the...