I-1 class fighter v 2.0

    A light fighter to protect your freighters

    1. MChain
      Game version:
      Welcome to KB Cosmos!

      Sometimes there can be a situation when you are in dire need of protection for your cargo fleet but can’t allow yourself to buy a large powerful ship like Brest or even Gremyaschy. Or you can’t afford to hire escorts constantly. Or maybe your heavy flagship is on refit or in repair and you need something to escort your precious freighters.

      We have a solution for you! Here comes the I-1, our first generation of fighter craft. Small and agile, with good shields and weaponry, it is more than capable of protecting your crews and property from pesky pirates. And if your cargo convoy got in trouble, the afterburner will allow groups of these fighters to be in hot spot extremely fast, thus reducing your property losses to a minimum. A pre-installed jammer protects your fighter from missile locks and allows it to approach undetected to any pirate preparing an ambush for your fleet.

      We hope this ship will serve you well and effectively protect your crews and property from destruction.

      starmade-screenshot-0049.png starmade-screenshot-0050.png starmade-screenshot-0055.png starmade-screenshot-0056.png

      FINALLY! I got to updating one of my own ships. Not something particularly large, but at least something

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    1. klawxx
      Version: 1.0
      I love this little ship. It reminds me a lot of the Homeworld small ship style.

      You should build more of those to form a fighter wing with different roles =) Maybe a fleet submission.

      My only obs is actually against Starmade glass/crystal blocks transparency. When using the heptas, tetras and corners it gets messed up. In bigger ships I usually avoid those, but on the small vessels canopy's there's nothing we can do.
      1. MChain
        Author's Response
        Wel, it is really based on a Kushan fighter from HW1. I liked the design and decided to try something asymmetric.

        As for roles... Well, actually I was thinking about multiple editions of I-1 to fit different roles, but then Noc got me, and I sank in Warhammer style really deep... But the idea is actually pretty good. Althoug the ship is really cramped and not much can be stuffed inside. Will try though.
    2. Vvolodymyr
      Version: 1.0
      That's a cool-looking asymmetrical fighter! It has a very decently balanced combination of systems & weapons :)