1. Jake_Lancia

      TRV Gladius-class Destroyer Mk.IV-P

      PLEASE NOTE THIS SHIP IS MOSTLY EMPTY AND DESIGNED FOR THE END USER TO FIT SYSTEMS INTO. Gladius-class Destroyer Detailed further here: Gladius-class The Gladius-class is a modern class of light destroyer manufactured by the Sirius Shipyards corporation for the Trident Foundries military...
    2. sayerulz

      DD-11 Gladius-Class destroyer 1

      Designed as a fleet escort/light attacker, the Gladius-class is the first design produced by our shipyards in several years. In the time since, technological advances have caused us to rethink our design philosophy entirely. Despite teething problems caused by engineers being unfamiliar with...
    3. DeepspaceMechanic

      Eratosthenes Mk1 destroyer v1

      Presenting the "Eratosthenes Mk1" destroyer - a spaceship of a rather exotic hull design, focusing on its "magnetic jaws", in which it holds a "floating sphere" turret, that can be operated either manually or via AI. You can download a monochromatic (greyscale) variant of the turret here...
    4. DeepspaceMechanic

      Asterope (of the Pleiades fleet) v1.3

      Cyberspace Shipyards proudly presents Asterope, the flagship of the Pleiades Fleet. This ship is named after the brightest component of the Pleiades open cluster of stars. It's 260m long, falls into the destroyer category by my standards, and is the toughest member of its fleet. This download...
    5. VectorX96

      Protector Class Destroyer 2.0

      Hello, its been a while since I've not only played StarMade, but posted any content. Regardless I give you the Protector Class, one of my personal designs in my Sci-Fi future for humanity. This is the second version of the ship as the first was lost with all of my data some years ago, so I...
    6. Malum Phasma

      DD-001 Praetor 0.93

      The Pitch: Introducing for the first time available for the public to laugh at, Malum's Malignant Machineries proudly presents the DD Praetor! Don't like blocky shaped craft? Need that coffee break room in your ship? Then go elsewhere because here at MMM we pride ourselves on building nothing...
    7. Lennart and Starpor

      Starhammer 1.0

      Starhammer heavy destroyer This is one of main warships of the Empire. Armed with powerful forward facing armament it is used in large ships battles aswell as for patrols near enemy territory. Stats: ~ Length 112m ~ Width 67m ~ Height 33m Features: ~ 4 beam lasers ~ 2 heavy artillery...
    8. Zilvs

      A collection of old or forgotten projects

      I used to be more active in this community up to late 2017, and I kept my eye on the game and community during my inactivity. I thought about returning for a few months now. So, in a fit of nostalgia fueled reemergence, I dug through my blueprints and found a number of old projects I had...
    9. MeRobo

      iSBAD class destroyer CC

      The iSBAD class is a Destroyer developped by RedEagle after joining the Dominion of Trident. It features 8 turrets for missile defense and 8 beam turrets. This version also has an enlargened interior, featuring a bridge, a medbay and a shrine among other things. Wiki page is wip as of uploading...
    10. Spartan-228

      Venathi Destroyers Mk1

      The Venathi Empire is an old empire spanning many star systems and boasting a powerful fleet. The Venathi Destroyer or VDD-04 as it is known by the Human factions that have encountered it, is the work horse of the Venathi fleet. It has been noted that the type-Red have only been seen in the...
    11. A

      Soven-class Destroyer 2018-05-29

      DISCLAIMER: Early staging of AIN. Common theme; almost all turrets are from Gmodism due to the fact they make very diverse and good-looking turrets. This includes alot of the hull mounted weapons. Later creations will have my own stuff. These ships are my first attempts at "larger" creations...
    12. ooouuuuuii

      Permeator 1.0

      A simple RP missile destroyer. First ship, criticism welcome!
    13. abigmac

      New Haven Class Heavy Destroyer 1.2

      The GSC Fleet needed some heavier firepower, so here it is... Introducing the New Haven Class. I wanted to build a bigger ship to supplement the smaller vessels in the fleet and give a suitable replacement for the Providence class which still uses old power and I cant be bothered to refit it...
    14. Jake_Lancia

      TRV Lucia-class Destroyer V1.0

      Lucia-class Destroyer Detailed further here: Lucia-class Often compared to siege weapons of a bygone era, the Lucia-class is designed to act as a support ship in any fleet. Part of the industrial-looking Generation 2 Program (started 2315), the Lucia is covered in heavy plates of armour and...
    15. Captain Fortius

      M-205 Vanguard Class Destroyer 2017-12-30

      This is the M-205 Vanguard Class Destroyer; A compact, swift and agressive escort ship for the fleet. Overview: When flown solo, it's great for shorter missions, where it's high manouverebility is of more value than the raw power and capacity of a larger vessel. - Not to mention, it's...
    16. DeepspaceMechanic


      INTRODUCTION: Allow me to present my first attempt at a "min-maxed" / high-efficiency combat ship, the Anteater-class destroyer. I realize that the Golden Age of the classic power and weapon systems is over, but here's my attempt at bringing the most out of it. This was my first project that...
    17. BoomMicGuy

      SCS-Panther-Frigate 2.5

      This is the first ship to be created under the StarCorp Sovereignty Merger. It's a Frigate class with it has a simple shield at only around 1 mil and can be used on large groups effectively. It features a new turret called the phlix which is a 5 barrel AMS turret. the last two turrets are...
    18. SkylordLuke

      Imperial Star Destroyer [CHIBI version]

      IMPERIAL STAR DESTROYER CHIBI VERSION LENGHT: 250m for builders and players who cant handle 1:1 scale versions. A complete shell of a destroyer for you to customize. VIDEO:
    19. virtue1987

      Samuel B Roberts Class Destroyer 2017-07-29

      Here i have a RP Destroyer, named after an American WWII Hero, Samuel B Roberts. Samuel B. Roberts - Wikipedia This Ships is loosley based on, pretty much every modern Navy destroyer i could find Pictures of, as a nice Contrast to my WWII and earyler ships. Turret Wise, it Comes with 2 main...
    20. Zekester81

      Taipan Class Destroyer 1-3 pwr2

      Destroyer class with 6 *very* light fighters and a shuttle craft. The fighters are very fast(@150T/75M)) but have little armor and unsustainable firepower. The fighter bay has ship controls so they can be combat launched, but the shuttle does not and requires you to physically launch it...