AsteroidFieldExpander 1.06 - Dimorphos

    Game version
    v0.202.101 and above
    🛈 Requires Starloader. As of v0.202.108, run the latest dev build, click on the 'enable modded' option inside the "Tools and Mods" panel, then reopen the game to play with mods.

    🛈 Not currently recommended on multiplayer servers. Feel free to experiment with different server settings and asteroid spawning parameters to see if you can find a way to make it work, but at the moment loading large numbers of asteroids is likely to cause network congestion (resulting in very slow server responsiveness) depending on your server setup. As of now, I can only certify that the mod should function as expected in local-hosted singleplayer.

    Tired of instantly depleting an asteroid field with your mining ship and having to constantly jump between sectors or systems? Want your painstakingly-designed and tested mining drones to have actual work to do? Or maybe you're bothered by the sci-fi tropey asteroid clusters and want a touch of realism (and tedium) in your server's asteroid belts?

    Well, I've got the mod for you! Introducing the Universal Semi-realistic Asteroid Field Expander, or, for short, UnSAFE... wait, that came out wrong. :D

    This mod replaces the default asteroid field generation, and fills asteroid belt sectors with random asteroids. You can configure the maximum number, minimum number, spawning grid scale, density and sector border margin via the config, found in your StarMade install's moddata folder.

    Please note that default configuration settings assume a sector size of approx. 15000m, max asteroid radius of 120-150m, and a relatively powerful system.

    Depending on sector size and the power of your computer, default settings might result in excessively dense or excessively sparse asteroid fields, or poor performance.
    If you want more or less asteroids, change the minimum and maximum fill percentages or the population cap. A fill setting of 1 means an asteroid in every grid cube, which will probably flood your computer's RAM with asteroids.
    If you want denser asteroids without changing the sector size or adding a ton more asteroids, increase the margin width and decrease the spawning cell width (allowing asteroids to spawn closer to one another, and forcing them towards the center of the sector).

    I will post better documentation of each config parameter soon.


    This mod also changes asteroid size selection so that it is based on a Gaussian distribution between the hard-coded internal minimum (80) and the maximum radius defined in server.cfg. This means that most asteroids will tend towards the middle of that range in all dimensions. The maximum asteroid radius in server.cfg still applies as normal and can be changed as you wish.

    Please disregard the purely coincidental acronym; it's not going to destroy your worlds or light your PC on fire or anything I swear*.

    *Actually, no, I don't swear. Depending on your config and asteroid size, it might actually cause serious performance issues if your PC or server isn't powerful enough to handle the entity spam. Careful! :P

    I wish you good luck, and happy mining!

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    3. Updated for Starloader changes.

      Now compatible with StarLoader reload.

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