Community Build Initiative: Cargo Ship

    Mar 10, 2016
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    I have already been planning this. New stations and updated NPCs...
    If anyone wants to help with assets, DM me!
    I'm offtopicing this here, because the thread has already reached fruition.
    The following are all my own work, and you are allowed to used them any way you wish.

    High quality, multi-role fleet of seven uniformly styled, elegant ships:
    Pleiades fleet - The Seven Sisters of StarMade
    (these are all shells with interiors, and thus can be systemed exactly how you see fit for the NPC faction in which you intend to used them)

    Meticulously crafted, elaborate station featuring an exploration encouraging storyline:
    Quasar E77 - The Mysterious Science Station
    (most of its interactive blocks are public-permissioned, great as an automatically spawned abandoned station)

    Exceptionally eye-catching, "decorative" station:
    Nuntius 818 - Interplanetary Comms Relay Outpost
    (has no practical value, but its animated radio telescopes pop up from a thousand miles away)
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