PLEIADES FLEET - The Seven Sisters of StarMade

    PLEIADES FLEET - The Seven Sisters of StarMade v1.2

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    :bigdipper: INTRODUCTION :bigdipper:
    Cyberspace Shipyards proudly presents the Pleiades Fleet: perhaps one of the best examples in StarMade of a uniformly styled, multi-role fleet of high-quality spacecraft. Choose these seven clean, sleek, minimalistic, futuristic ships if you desire to perform your fleet operations in an outstandingly elegant style.

    This upload is a package (RAR file) of seven blueprints (sment files) of the ships' shell variants. "Shell" in the sense of having finished hulls, functional airlocks, detailed interiors, systemed turrets, and minimal amounts of easily-located placeholder systems, to facilitate flying and full shield coverage.

    Feel free to use these shells to practice your systeming skills. (Here's an example of how to make the destroyer as functional as possible, by filling all of its empty spaces: systemed flagship) Have fun with them, and please share your impressions! :)

    Credit goes to yoyo2901 for the artistic inspiration provided by his work shown in this thread of his.

    :bigdipper: DETAILS :bigdipper:
    The fleet is named after the Seven Sisters of Greek mythology. The individual names are distributed among the ships in a way that the descending ranking of the ships by size/mass corresponds to the descending ranking, by apparent luminosity, of the stars in the Pleiades cluster (excluding Pleione and Atlas, the mythological parents of the Pleiades sisters).

    Length: 260m
    Interior: fairly large and extremely detailed
    Turrets: two heavy offensive; two AMS
    Highlights: features a super-hitech logic elevator (download dockable copy)

    Special notes:
    TOP TURRET: basic cannon (9,000 cannon)​
    BOTTOM TURRET: continuous beam (4,500 B/4,500 C)​
    ENGINE MAGIC: This ship has a set of inner-ship-remotes with which you can wirelessly control the engine lighting of the other six ships of the Pleiades Fleet. The six wireless connections have to be linked manually (in astronaut mode) after spawning the aforementioned subordinate ships. The wireless transmitters of this flagship can be reached externally, on the rear face of the bottom turret's housing. The wireless receivers of the six subordinate ships can be reached externally, around their bridges/cockpits.​

    Pleiades fleet (1).jpg
    Length: 220m
    Interior: vast and highly detailed
    Turrets: one AMS
    Highlights: spacious cargo bay; very high storage capacity

    Pleiades fleet (2).jpg
    Length: 180m
    Interior: vast and highly detailed
    Turrets: one AMS
    Highlights: can accomodate 220 passengers in 110 two-bed rooms (plus five frozen individuals in the cryogenic chamber)

    Pleiades fleet (3).jpg
    Length: 140m
    Interior: modest
    Turrets: one AMS
    Highlights: funky dedicated core room

    Pleiades fleet (4).jpg
    Length: 100m
    Interior: minimal, but well-detailed
    Turrets: none

    Pleiades fleet (5).jpg
    Length: 60m
    Interior: minimal, but well-detailed
    Turrets: none
    Highlights: ferocious asteroid grinders

    Pleiades fleet (6).jpg
    Length: 30m
    Interior: fully-supplied cockpit
    Turrets: none

    Pleiades fleet (7).jpg

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    1. Very small corrections

      Only two worth mentioning: Freighter - fixed hole and decoration bleed-through in the ceilings...

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    Very nice fleet. Love the design and even thought the ships are Shells, the minimal interior you have in place is very well designed. And every single ship designed incredibly well for their specific role!
    The only little downside I can think of is the complete lack of escape pods, especially the bigger crafts of the fleet. Although maybe that is considered "interior" as these ships have minimal interior as stated earlier, so adding them yourself shouldn't be a big problem.
    So all and all incredible job from an incredibly talented Masterbuilder, DeepspaceMechanic!
    Thank you very much, I'm glad you find these ships appealing!

    I agree that it would be nice to have escape pods in at least the two or three largest members of this fleet. But as you said, retrofitting a few of them shouldn't be that strenuous of a task for those who will use these ships.

    Thanks again for the review :)