1. crazyf22raptor

      A suggestion to revamp mining

      Starmade Mining: We all know it well, the traditional 8-12 block waffle board pattern design we all have on a huge box ship docked to one of our stations in the server you play on. Its not the best of things is it, its laggy, generally makes your ship look awful over performance, and worst of...
    2. B

      Boon-LCT-M1-v2 v0.202.87

      Class: Cargo ship A Cargo ship meant to ferry supplies between stations, the Boon- LCT-M1-v2 utilizing an off loader on it's right side and a loading rail on it's left side. featuring a more extensive transfer system than it's mining counterpart, the Rush-LMS-M1, it's mroe than capable of...
    3. -=DWM=-

      Blue Dragonfly V1.0

      Spaceship the Dragonfly. Want to travel safely fast with your cargo or faction personnel? Buy the Dragonfly spaceship. Sturdy, fast and it gets you home. You don't even have to shoot, with the static missile launcher that will do all the work for you, if you want to get rid of some pesky...
    4. klawxx

      Klawxx - Conestoga (Dominion) Cargo Shuttle 1.0

      * W00T! Power / Weapons 2.0 certified (!) * Conestoga Cargo Shuttle - The safest way to ferry your stuff around. This is the Klawxx dominion transport shuttle. It has been developed by Emperor Klawxx to facilitate the transportation of cargo and personnel between Planets and Dominion Fleets...
    5. The Boiling Tea-pot

      Horus cargo hauler 2019-08-24

      This ship.... Originally made in the Blackheart server. Its a small cargo hauler named Horus or thats what it says. It was made in a time of struggle and desperation so i made the best thing i coud. Equipped: with mining beams and a cannon. It also has 1 turret on the bottom and 4 extra slots on...
    6. MacThule

      Shop as Personal Cargo?

      Does anyone else think it would be useful if we could use owned shops as personal cargo for building as stuff?
    7. Kraengis

      SF Cargo transporter and container 2019-02-24

      It's a kit with a cargo container (MT58-25) and a transporter to carry it between cargo/trade ships and stations. The container has 2 cargo modules, one with 58k space that fills the bottom and a secondary one with 25k space that fills the top. That space separation allows a better modularity...
    8. Wilavid7

      CRT Leatherback Mk 1.0

      Adding an extremely versatile vessel to our lineup, Cargo/Resource Transporters are proud to present the CRT-Leatherback. This cargo carrier features two large landing pads on its top and bottom, allowing multiple vessels to be hauled by a single pilot. The ship also features four USD docks...
    9. Reilly Reese

      Turion Colonial Guard "Courier" Cargo Shuttle v0-200-200

      Turion Colonial Guard Courier Cargo Shuttle Summary: The Colonial Guard recognizing a need to update their fleet began assessing both replacement craft and refits for their existing vessels. During the process it was decided that the bulkier original shuttle design would be refitted and be used...
    10. M

      GC-class containers 2018-11-21

      A pack of 25x9x9 cargo containers by Gaswerks (GC stands for Gaswerks Container), updated for new power system and modified for more inner space. The containers come equipped with pre-installed faction modules and telepads. Docking facilities consist of 4 USDs, located on top, bottom, front and...
    11. WalkerGain

      Cargo Pod Opinions

      Hey everyone, I was just curious what the rest of you think about the viability of cargo pods in the game now and in later phases. I've had an unfinished design for a small 4-pod freighter, and I've stalled designing it multiple times due to design constraints/choices I've already made. It's...
    12. Zekester81

      Mass selection change

      I would like to suggest adding the ability to hold shift while pressing "C" to mass select controlling objects to link to a slave object("V"). Kinda adding in the reverse effect to being able to mass select with "v+shift" I came upon this while using the new(er) load/unload rails. The wiki...
    13. MacThule

      Prevent UI click-through to inventory

      Currently, when a UI window (including an other storage inventory) overlaps a storage inventory, it causes problems. Performing an action in the fore window, will, in the same click, result in an action on whatever poor, unsuspecting inventory item lies beneath. Sometimes this even results in...
    14. MacThule

      Remove "Opened Storage" Message

      It's big. No seriously; it's like an ad banner. It lasts... a while. 3 full seconds or something? It tells you exactly what you just did. In case the storage window opening up hadn't cued you in. And most importantly, it often gets in the way of pressing the buttons you opened the storage to...
    15. Guard13007

      ED Hauler 2

      A small version of the Hauler from Elite: Dangerous. Minimal reactor and thrusters. Roleplay-ready. :P 4ca3c3600c1c4015a1b2fb62e26fd194 ED Hauler V2 by Guard13007 on Sketchfab
    16. Gmodism


      The Gmodism Industries Brings you: GI_CAMEL - LIGHT CARGO FREIGHTER MK2U Tripster (KL200) From our community Discord converted this to new systems. Light Cargo Freighter designed to take impressive amounts of cargo from point A to B as fast as possible, therefore the Camel runs fast. Designed...
    17. Wilavid7

      CRT Convoy Mk 1.0

      After a long development period, Cargo/Resource Transporters is proud to present the newest vessel in its line of Industrial cargo haulers, the CRT-Convoy. Unlike previous cargo haulers in the line, which relied on cargo crate technology, the Convoy features a permanent cargo bay with cargo...
    18. abigmac

      Legacy Class Cargo Transport 2.0

      I realised that the Gen IV fleet didn't have any ships besides ones dedicated for combat. Here is the first of the utility ships. It is a small transporter which holds 5 detachable cargo pods, each holding 45k cargo space. There is also a little tug ship which can move the pods about. This ship...
    19. Lynx_

      Long Range Miner RC1 o50

      The Long Range Miner, originaly designed by Knack was updated and redesigned multiple times, until it finally reached a point where it's not only usefull but nice to look at. It spezialises in asteroid mining, as it can jump quickly from one sector to another (Jump recharge below 10 seconds)...
    20. colonel lacu

      JRS-Monkey V2

      a remastered version of an old ship