1. klawxx

      Klawxx - Conestoga (Dominion) Cargo Shuttle 1.0

      * W00T! Power / Weapons 2.0 certified (!) * Conestoga Cargo Shuttle - The safest way to ferry your stuff around. This is the Klawxx dominion transport shuttle. It has been developed by Emperor Klawxx to facilitate the transportation of cargo and personnel between Planets and Dominion Fleets...
    2. Anubis Evo

      Type-25 "Spirit" Dropship Release

      Spirit Type-25 Ever wanted to fly around the iconic tuning-fork design of the Covenant Spirit from the Halo franchise? Now you can! Complete with functional Troop bays, the glowy blue energy between the prongs, and the capability to carry two ghosts or 1 medium size vehicle. More pictures...
    3. PromisedPossum

      Possum's Shuttle Pack 2019-04-18

      All of Possum Tech's favorite small creations updated and placed in one download pack. Go fast, scan vast expanses, mine with dignity, or scout enemies undetected and ready to snipe.:skull: The Star series was updated with stronger salvage, more storage, more cannon and activation button doors...
    4. Gmodism

      GI_BUMBLEBEE - Personell Transport MK1

      The Gmodism Industries Proudly Brings you: GI_BUMBLEBEE - Personell Transport The Bumblebee makes the next generation space shuttle and space car, the craft can carry 4 passengers and 1 pilot, the comfortable leather seats make moderate journeys pleasant and the standard armour frame ensures...
    5. Gmodism

      GI_VERTIGO Personal Transport CINEMATIC

      The Gmodism Industries Brings you: GI_VERTIGO Personal Transport The GI long distance transport with auto charging jumpdrives and 4 charges, featuring a lot of fancy rail features. This ship is featured in the EMPIRES CINEMATIC SERIES Overview: Gmodism Industries Shipyard. Brought to you...
    6. Spartan-228

      Scavenger Fleet 2018-07-10

      I decided to update the Scavenger faction ships with the new power and weapons. I did my best to keep the ships to their original look, but given the heavy use of system blocks that are no longer in use as decoration it was not easy. You will also note that there are 12 ships instead of 13, that...
    7. Gmodism


      The Gmodism Industries Brings you: GI_VERTIGO TRANSPORT CRAFT The Gmodism Industries brings you the ultimate personell transport liner, for faction, private and commercial travel. This is the pilot liner version with a plain white hull and basic interiors. The ship uses lots of implemented...
    8. Anubis Evo

      Halo Valkyrie Transport Release

      Valkyrie To the Heavens and beyond. This is my implementation of the Unnamed Transport which is seen at the New Alexandrian Spaceport on Reach, from the game Halo Reach. The paint scheme comes from one of the ships which was sitting in the port waiting for launch...
    9. Gmodism


      The Gmodism Industries Brings you: GI_PURPLEXED SPACECAR MK2 The Gmodism Industries classical 5 person space shuttle, it has 4 glass doors easy controls and a automatically charging jumpdrive. This is a easy fast way to transport personnel between ships, stations and planets. Gmodism...
    10. lordzorax

      Imperial Troop Transport V0.81

      The Imperial Troop Transport is a small vessel designed to drop troops onto planet surface. Unfinished. Exterior complete (with opening and closing hangar door logic). interior almost finished. Systems and turret weaponry remaining. Like my terminus, anyone with a good knowledge of...
    11. C

      Star Trek Troop Transport 1.0

      Star Trek themed troop transport I built for another project. It has a capacity of 2 pilots and 20 soldiers.
    12. colonel lacu

      JRS-Monkey V2

      a remastered version of an old ship
    13. Asypha

      Ableto 8 1

      The Ableto caries 7 in comfort and style. With it's classic, floor entry, and side dock design, it provides comfortable entry and exit, while maintaining the lowest possible profile. Capable of the maximum acceleration science allows, no other shuttle will give you the aura of wealth and taste...
    14. Zekester81

      CTR - 20E Katydid Class Cargo Transport 2017-09-15

      The Katydid carries 20 cargo pods, 5 on each pylon, and the pylons are set for a USD style doored container with an offset docking rail. There is a 21m gap between stops on the rail, and containers need to have no larger than a 11x11 face. This comes loaded with containers and carrying a cargo...
    15. LucasAnkrum

      AG - Transport Lancer mk1

      Ankrum Galactic - Transport Lancer Two Person Shuttle USD Type 1 x 1 Fully Modeled Interior Jump Drive and Overdrive GI Karuix AMS Turret
    16. TheKingOfSpace

      LS-1 Arrowhead Scoutship 2017-02-09

      The LS-1 Arrowhead-class Scoutship is one of the smallest armored vessels capable of continuous warp. Built on the heavily modified hull of a transport shuttle, the Arrowhead is capable of rapid, long-distance travel while carrying small amounts of cargo, and thus are commonly seen in use as...
    17. xXAlbert_10Xx

      Vorlon Transport 1.0

      Vorlon transport from Babylon 5 with moving petals which you can open and close from the hotbar. ~ 10k Shields ~ 176 Shield Regen ~ 6k Power Regen ~ 192 Mass
    18. R

      RSX MiniZephyr Base Ship Version 1.1 Working chain drive 1.1

      Sorry, had to re-upload due to problems with old post Hello fellow peoples. This is the first vessel of this scale that i have ever worked on. Any questions should go in the comments. I INTEND TO MAKE IT A CRAFT THAT EVERYONE COULD MODIFY TO SUIT THEIR NEEDS. I WILL NOT CALL IT PLAIGARISM IN...
    19. Guard13007

      GI Cargo Class E "Skyranger"

      The design isn't quite finished yet, but will be soon. fdb0229edad3470baf794f8fbd6021e7 A small cargo vessel designed for planetary interface. Also comes with decoys and mounts for further expansion. Deployable landing gear and retractable loading door. 15k storage in the wings, 4.7k* storage...
    20. Napther

      KDI Medium Passenger Shuttle MK1

      This was built during a Raiben 1 hour speedbuild, then modified thereafter to how it is below. Otherwise its just more fleet-building and padding out the amount of ships the NPC faction of mine will have access to. It was really tough fitting power into this thing due to the only space...