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    Type-25 "Spirit" Dropship Release

    The original Spirit Dropship from the Halo Universe

    1. Anubis Evo
      Game version:
      Ever wanted to fly around the iconic tuning-fork design of the Covenant Spirit from the Halo franchise? Now you can! Complete with functional Troop bays, the glowy blue energy between the prongs, and the capability to carry two ghosts or 1 medium size vehicle.


      More pictures
      Head on

      Open Troop Bay

      Carrying Ghosts




      • Functional port and starboard troop doors
      • Auto-Gravity for the Troop Bays
      • (Barely) Functional Ventral Plasma Cannon
      • Docks for 2 Small Vehicles or 1 Medium between the prongs
      • Engine/lighting Logic so you can turn your ship "off"
      • Logic is one thing I love putting into ships to bring them to life, but the nature of logic is if you toggle things fast, it will break.
      • All of the logic for the ship was tested on my build server and had no issues with timing or clipping, however, logic is bizarre so if any issues are encountered let me know and I can try to address it.
      • The "Gravity Tether" Logic button will activate the energy between the prongs, and will disable the ability for the docking hooks to pick up ships. Be sure to turn this off if you want to drop or undock vehicles you are carrying.
      • The turret on this is really just for looks with limited functionality. I could make one that actually swivels but it wont be pretty. Just the limits of what StarMade can do with blocks.
      • Credits: if you can find source material for the ship online, so can I.
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